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JsonMessage API 2.3.0

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A single class API enabling full control over json messages to be sent in chat
  1. Developer libraries
  2. Chat
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18
api chat json messages
This is an API, so of course it's for other developers, not server owners.

To use the API, all you have to do is:
new JsonMessage().append(ChatColor.GREEN + "Click to fly!").setHoverAsTooltip("Seriously, just click!").setClickAsExecuteCmd("/fly").save().send(player[]);

With this API you can...
  • Create tooltips for when a player hovers over your chat message
  • Redirect players to a URL, when a player clicks your chat message
  • Suggest a command/message to a player's chat box when they click your chat message
  • Force the player to run a command when they click your chat message
  • Or a combination of clicks and hover events at the same time

While there are other libraries offering the ability to send Json messages in chat, this one comes with the following benefits:
  • Everything in a single class file! Just ’new JsonMessage()’ and go!
  • No headache of "BaseComponent" "TextComponent" "TranslateComponent" "ComponentBuilder"!
  • No boilerplate stylize(), bold(), color() methods, just send a string with ChatColor codes!
  • Some libraries have issues with colors breaking on new lines. Not this one!

This API is free for use provided the license is not removed.
Though, donations are always welcome.

The download comes with a plugin to demonstrate various example uses, which includes the following commands:
/jsonchat example

Latest reviews

Love this api, actually using it in my premium resource UltraAFK, really suggest using it.
wooooow, amazing api!!!!!
Have used the API many times. Easy to use and very straight forward!
Great API! It works exactly as described and is much easier than using NMS.
Thanks for this amazing API! Easy to use and the author is very kind. Takes suggestions seriously and knows what he's doing. Great job!
nice work
Nice babe <3



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