Lazarus HCF Core [30€] | LunarClient Support | 25 Ability Items v1.4.6

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Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
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Support Discord:


This is completely new code and as usual there will be some bugs. Please be considerate of this and contact me as fast as possible on discord when you find one so I can patch it and push new update. Thank you.

Also this resource doesn't work with default spigot. You have to use any kind of PaperSpigot with PotionEffectEvents and EquipmentSetEvent support (eg. NitroSpigot, iSpigot, VoltaneSpigot). We also offer our custom spigot you can download at Dependencies tab.

  • Fully configurable scoreboard
  • 30 placeholders

  • Fully configurable custom tab
  • Option to turn it off

Factions system:
  • Custom factions system
  • Claiming wands
  • Faction lives
  • Configurable data save task
  • Over 50 faction subcommands

  • JSON and MongoDB
  • Data caching for best performance

Claim glass protection:
  • Async glass updates
  • Will receive future optimizations (if needed)

Event games:
  • KoTH
  • Conquest
  • Ender dragon event
  • Glowstone and Ore mountains
  • Schedule for events
  • Loot system

Permissions integration:
  • Currently supporting 15 permissions plugins
  • 1. AquaCore
  • 2. Atom
  • 3. Basic Core
  • 4. Chronium
  • 5. Seeb's Core
  • 6. GroupManager
  • 7. LuckPerms
  • 8. mCore
  • 9. Mizu
  • 10. NCore
  • 11. PermissionsEX
  • 12. PowerfulPerms
  • 13. Spark
  • 14. Zoot
  • 15. zPermissions

Pvp Classes:
  • Archer (archer tag with damage multiplier)
  • Bard (bard effects)
  • Miner (miner upgrades)
  • Rogue (backstab)

Economy system:
  • Integrated economy system
  • Supports offline players

  • Configurable ban times
  • Inventory restore feature
  • Fixed EOTW deathban bug

Other features:
  • Auto smelt
  • Command blocker
  • Border limiter
  • XP Bottle redeemer
  • Chat control
  • Combat logger
  • Combat tag
  • Crowbar
  • Configurable death messages
  • Custom timer system
  • Death signs
  • Item disenchanter
  • Enchant limiter
  • Ender pearl cooldown
  • Entity limiter
  • EOTW event
  • Item XP amplifier
  • Block filter
  • Found ore messages
  • Freeze system
  • Glistering melon custom recipe
  • Golden apple cooldown
  • Head drop on death
  • Logout timer
  • Elevator system
  • Mob stack
  • Nether portal trap fix
  • Player notes
  • Potion limiter
  • Pvp protection timer
  • Rank revive
  • Server reboot timer
  • Rank reclaim
  • SOTW event
  • Staff chat
  • Player statistics
  • Sword stattrak
  • Chest subclaims
  • Warps

/adventure - Changes your gamemode to adventure
/back - Teleport yourself to last known position
/balance - Shows your balance
/bottle - Transform your current XP level to bottle item
/broadcast - Broadcast server message
/chat - Chat managing commands
/clearinventory - Clear your inventory
/cobble - Toggle cobblestone pickup
/conquest - Conquest managing commands
/coords - Show you all important server coordinates
/craft - Open crafting table on the go
/creative - Change your gamemode to creative
/crowbar - Give crowbat to the players
/day - Change time to day
/deathban - Deathban managing commands
/deletewarp - Delete certain warp
/economy - Economy managing commands
/enchant - Enchant item in your hand
/enderchest - Open player's enderchest
/enderdragon - Ender dragon managing commands
/endportal - Give you wand for creating end portals
/eotw - EOTW managing commands
/exit - Teleport you to nether or end exit location
/experience - Experience managing commands
/faction - Faction managing commands
/feed - Fill your hunger
/fillbottle - Fill chests with water bottles
/filter - Filter item drops you can pick up
/fly - Toggle your fly
/focus - Focuse enemy player
/freeze - Freeze suspicious players
/gamemode - Change your gamemode
/give - Give yourself any item you want
/god - Toggle your god mode
/goldenapple - Shows your current golden apple cooldowns
/heal - Heal yourself
/help - Help message
/hidestaff - Hide other staff from yourself
/ignore - Add player to your ignore list
/invsee - See player's inventory
/item - Like /give command but to yourself only
/kickall - Kick all players on the server
/kill - Kill player
/killall - Kill certain mob type
/kit - Kit managing commands
/koth - Koth managing commands
/lag - Shows you server info
/lastdeaths - Last five player death informations
/lazarus - Lazarus info and reload command
/lff - Looking for faction announcement
/list - Server player list informations
/lives - Lives managing commands
/logout - Logout from server safely
/loot - Loot managing commands
/mapkit - Shows you current mapkit
/message - Message other players
/minereffects - Shows you miner effect levels
/more - Sets your item in hand amount to full stack
/mountain - Mountain managing commands
/night - Set time to night
/notes - Player notes managing commands
/pay - Send money to other players
/ping - Shows your ping
/playtime - Shows player's playtime
/pvp - Pvp time and enable commands
/rankrevive - Revive other players using your rank
/reboot - Reboot server after x amount of time
/reclaim - Reclaim your rank items
/rename - Rename item in your hand
/repair - Repair item in your hand
/reply - Reply to current message
/report - Report players
/request - Request help from staff
/schedule - Schedule managing commands
/seen - Info when player was last seen on the server
/setexit - Set nether and end exit locations
/setslots - Set server slot amount
/setspawn - Set world, nether and end spawn locations
/setwarp - Create new warp
/socialspy - Toggle social spy messages
/sotw - Sotw managing commands
/sounds - Toggle sounds on message receive
/spawn - Teleport to world, nether or end spawn location
/spawner - Change spawner type
/speed - Change your flying or walking speed
/staffchat - Toggle staff chat
/staffmode - Toggle staff mode
/staffscoreboard - Toggle staff scoreboard
/stats - Show player's statistics
/subclaim - Shows info about subclaim creating
/survival - Changes your gamemode to survival
/teleport - Teleport to location or player
/teleportall - Teleport all players to your location
/teleporthere - Teleport player to your location
/teleportposition - Teleport yourself to given location
/telllocation - Send your location string to all faction members
/togglemessage - Toggle mssage receiving
/top - Teleport to top block at your location
/unfocus - Unfocus currently focused player
/vanish - Toggle vanish
/viewdistance - Change view distance of players
/warp - Teleport to certain warp
/world - Change worlds

Admin commands:
  • ChatSpy
  • ClaimFor
  • ClearClaims
  • Color
  • Deathban
  • ForceDemote
  • ForceJoin
  • ForceKick
  • ForceLeader
  • ForcePromote
  • RemoveClaim
  • Remove
  • Safezone
  • Save
  • SetBalance
  • SetDtr
  • SetFreeze
  • SystemCreate
  • SystemList
  • SystemRename

Player commands:
  • Ally
  • Announcement
  • Chat
  • ClaimChunk
  • Claim
  • Create
  • Demote
  • Deposit
  • Disband
  • Help
  • Home
  • Invite
  • Join
  • Kick
  • Leader
  • Leave
  • List
  • Lives
  • LivesDeposit
  • LivesRevive
  • LivesWithdraw
  • Map
  • Open
  • Promote
  • Rename
  • SetHome
  • Show
  • Stuck
  • Unally
  • UnclaimAll
  • Unclaim
  • Uninvite
  • Withdraw








Proof of ownership:

Notable spigot changes:
- Added ability to place end portal block in end
- Added config option to change strength damage
- Added config option to fully disable crop trampling
- Added config option to fully disable slimes in flat worlds
- Added config option to fully disable block burn - Can boost performance if disabled
- Added config option to fully disable leaves decay - Can boost performance if disabled
- Added Knockback Command
- Added MobAI Command - Disable or enable mob ai, can boost performance, useful for SOTW’s
- Added EntityTrackingRange Command - Change view distance of entities, can boost performance, useful for SOTW’s
- Added Material#isRepairable
- Added Material#isArmor
- Added Player#getPing
- Added Bukkit#setMaxPlayers
- Added Bukkit#setViewDistance
- Added Entity#(is/set)Invulnerable
- Added LivingEntity#clearAI - Removes entities AI, can boost performance, useful for SOTW’s
- Added Scoreboard#getNMSTeam
- Added Bukkit#getCommandMap - Useful for “easier” command registration if you use BukkitCommand system
- Added EntityTypes#registerCustomEntity
- Added PlayerPositionEvent - Doesn’t get called if yaw or pitch changes
- Added BrewFinishEvent
- Added brewSpeed API for BrewingStands - Same system as for Furnaces
- Added PacketAPI (Extend PacketInterceptor)
- Added multithreaded entity tracker
- Removed async catcher for scoreboard creation - You can now create scoreboards asynchronously
- Removed movedWrong messages - Removes annoying movedWrongly messages
- Removed most of startup messages - Removes annoying startup messages
- Removed metrics - Removed useles Metrics
- Fixed Entity#setOnFire method - Fixes fire blinking if entity is fireProof
- Fixed timings - Fixes spigot’s broken timings
- Enabled restart command again
- Disabled some default commands - Removes some useless commands
- Changed Version command message
- Changed Reload command message
- Changed TicksPerSecond command message
- Updated gson & netty version to latest
- Changed some fields to public in most packets
- Changed Channel field to public in NetworkManager
- Cleaned up code

Latest reviews

2 stars cause of the performance, but the support is horrible. qloolp is basically dead, no updates for a while now. Dont purchase this anymore, instead purchase Azurite HCF Core.
best developer ever
Amazing HCF core probably the best one on the market so far and amazing developer / owner qIooIp i've reported bugs / issues and made a lot of suggestions for the hcf core and they are slowly getting added into the hcf core amazing developer by far!
The best core on the market
I just wish they'll add /panic and abit more items but this is the best core ever EASY TO WORK WITH AND always replys within the hour love you
Lazarus for me is the best Core in the market. Like there are 0 Bugs and the support are incredible like if you have a question or something like that the owner (qIooIp) or the community will be answering all the questions for the user comfort.
Lazarus is the best public HCF core currently , the developer ( qIooIp ) is talented and actively updates the resource while making sure there arent any performance issues.The product alone can run on a server with thousands of players with 0 performance issues.
The best on the markey
This license was given for free. What's this?
Best hcf/kitmap core. I Recommend!
This license was given for free. What's this?
Hello ;) Im Sky , and this is my story.
My Developer left me, nulling our friendship, he had this plugin with this account, that i bought.
I contected with the author. Asked a few simple questions. I didn't even had paypal proof (my account got terminated) and in 4h he gave the plugin back. Im impressed ;) Keep up the good work.

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