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Lightning-fast Minecraft Bulk Username Checker - 600 Names Per Minute - Python v1.3

Check up to 600 Minecraft usernames per minute
Update (31 January 2021) - It appears there have been some additional changes to Mojang's API, causing issues with the checker.
Purchasing disabled until fixed.
At the moment, the checker does filter taken/not-taken names, but may fail to distinguish between available/dropping soon.
If you have purchased this resource in the past 90 days (01 Nov 2020 - 01 Feb 2021) and are dissatisfied due to these API changes and would like a refund, please PM me.


My new and improved Minecraft username checker, written in Python.

If you need help installing Python or running the program, please see my comprehensive guide here:
If you have any Python questions, I would suggest posting them there so I (or anyone else) can answer them.

This checker currently checks up to 600 usernames per minute.
As of v1.2, it distinguishes between 'available' and 'dropping soon' names.

If you would like a general social media checker (Twitter, Instagram, Steam, Mixer, Twitch, GitHub, SoundCloud,, YouTube), I highly recommend Croc's checker, available here:

The sample file includes 10000 English words.

v1.3 - 25 December 2019
===== Changelog =====
- Updated to latest Mojang API specifications
- Added redundancy against Cloudflare API throttling
- Removed names less than 3 characters from sample.txt

v1.2.1 - 01 April 2018
===== Changelog =====
- Hotfix to resolve incorrect 'taken' and 'not-taken' files

v1.2 - 03 March 2018
===== Changelog =====
- Added feature to attempt automatic installation of 'requests' Python library, in the case that it is not found.
- Changed progress tracking to use a progress bar instead of new lines.
- Added "taken" output file.
- Added "available" output for names that are available now. *
- Added "dropping" output for names that are dropping soon. **

v1.1 - 22 August 2017
===== Changelog =====
- Fixed incorrect 'percentage completed'
- Added non-CLI support (i.e. running the program using Python console directly)
- Added CLI support for when no arguments are given

Do not redistribute or share without permission.
Feel free to PM me on MC-Market and I will be happy to negotiate a deal if you would like to implement/share/reuse my code.

* Please note, some names are blocked by Mojang (usually swear words but some are unusual, like 'shore' - as of 02 July 2019) and will be categorized as 'available'. If Mojang updates its API to show blocked names, this 'bug' will be fixed.
** Similarly, some names are simply 'unavailable' (like 'regardless' - as of 02 July 2019) due to a possible bug(s) in Mojang's system. These names will be categorized as 'dropping soon'. If Mojang corrects this problem, this 'bug' will be fixed.
It should also be noted that separating available from dropping soon is not as fast as sorting taken/not-taken.

Also, non-Latin characters are not supported (for example, if your username list contains Pokemon names, or general non-English words). You can use the following regular expression (regex) to filter any invalid characters (using something like Notepad++):
minecraft username checker minecraft checker

Latest reviews

Very efficient to use! I really like how the program divides its name categories in 4 different notepads. Never seen such a good working and efficient program before. Would definitely recommend to anyone else that is hesitate to buy it! You can even add or remove names from the already-made list by Jack. The list that has been already made contains around 10'000 words already! Good job creating this Jack.
*updated* jack got back to me on it not working, will be changed to 5 stars when it is actually functional
Fast and very easy to use
Vouch Jack helped me with how to use the checker
Developer is extremely HELPFUL and updates right when bugs are found (I requested HotFix [April 1st]
Jack contacted me about my issue quickly and helped me resolve it. Program works fine, was something on my end that I didn't check. Vouch
Great product! Works exactly as stated. Really easy to setup and no proxies needed. Great work!
Soooo good definetly worth my Money, i would recommend to everyone
This license was given for free. What's this?
Amazing checker from an amazing person! Get this for all your Minecraft-checking needs.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Vouch, the checker works perfectly and its simple to use.

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