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LiteBans Messages.YML 1.1

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A well setup LiteBans messages.yml for those who don't have the time!
  1. Plugin config
config litebans messages.yml
This was something I had spent a bit of time working on to perfect, and I think I have now got it all done! It is 100% setup, all you need to do is either buy litebans, or just add it into the messages.yml! If you'd like me to change/edit anything just ask, and I will make any changes you'd like, such as changing the word "Punishment" as the prefix to perhaps your server name! I will also make any other small changes you'd like as well weather it be a color change etc.. :)

LiteBans plugin can be found here -

Here are some screen shots of what it looks like.


I will be making sure that the prefix, in this case "Punishments is bold. That will be done in Version two :)

Hope you like this, and please be sure to leave a vouch on my page, as well as on here, and give it a 5 star rating! I will be doing a lot more of these types of things soon! As well as configs etc.. Hope to be able to work with some people in the future as well! I do server setups, as well as plugin setup/bug fixes for plugins. I am either free, or really cheap! So, PM me if you need me!

The file is a .rar, just open it, and then open the note bad to get the messages.yml.


Latest reviews

very nice litebans messages
I use this also XD currently for factions it's really nice I recommend it
Cool config really good for hcf servers.
Thanks! :) Glad you like it! I plan to make some more different configs, and so on soon!



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