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Loot Hill v1.0

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Stand on a capzone to obtain loot
Hello everyone, Irantwomiles here and I have a new plugin I'm going to be selling today. I'll be posting a video soon, but I will try my best to explain on here as well.

Loot Hill (a.k.a XPHill)

This plugin allows you to create multiple "hills" or capture points where people can capture to gain loot. very basic and simple to use, and very fun!


- /hill create <name>
- /hill setloc1 <name>
- /hill setloc2 <name>
- /hill setlootloc <name>
- /hill setloot <name>
(Note: This is everything inside of your inventory, not just your hand, excluding armor)

- /hill settime <name>
- /hill setactive <name>

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How to use
Simply after installing the plugin on your server you can create a hill using the first command posted (/hill create <name>). Then create a area in which you want people to capture at, very much like a KOTH, then set loc1 and loc2 at adjacent points of your capture zone (/hill setloc1/2 <name>). Then pick the location where you want your loot to drop at (/hill setlootloc <name>), and set the loot by placing the items you want dropped in your inventory and typing in the command (/hill setloot <name>). After doing all of those steps, set the timer on your Loot Hill. The final step is activating the hill itself. If you wish to have multiple hills and have some activated and others inactive you can do that too.


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