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MajkVersioning v1.0

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Versioning API/Plugin
MajkVersioning is an easy-to-use API/Plugin solution for developers to inform server owners of any updates or issues on the fly. This API also doubles as a plugin, all it requires is a single line of code and a YAML file to implement.

This plugin will not work with any plugins not registered with the MajkVersioning API.

Please note that this API/Plugin is still under heavy development and is subject to many changes.

"What's your offer!?" - Eustace Bagge
As a long-time server owner and developer I know it can be a hassle to keep tabs on all the plugins you use. Usually it is left to the developer to implement this feature and even then there is usually no unity between each developers system causing either unneeded commands or tasks to be implemented.

This leaves most server owners to their own devices when keeping track and updating these plugins; which usually ends up in the plugin never being updated. With MajkVersioning, I aim to kill that problem.

What's in store?
As of 2/2/2017: The plugin has the basic "MajkVersionizer!" Which keeps tracks of registered plugin versions and informs users when new versions are available.

However... there are still more features that are planned to be implemented.

  • "MajkInformer!" - Allow developers to inform users in-game of any changes or issues on the fly!
  • "MajkInstaller!" - Automatically install .jar files from registered plugins that allow it.
... and possibly more.

For the Developer:
You will need a hosting service with a static, unchanging, link to a raw YAML file. GitHub is a great solution for this, especially if you're already hosting your plugin source here.

The YAML file.
This file will be updated when the server starts. You can name this file whatever you desire, as it will be given a random file name once loaded into the server to prevent accidental overwrites. If you like, you can have one per plugin. However, only one file is needed for all your plugins.

Whenever you update your plugin, simply edit the file on your Github account with the correct version number.

For now this file only has two nodes: (More will be added as features are implemented.)

  1. The exact name as in the Plugin.yml.
  2. The most updated version numbers for your plugin.

Simply upload, or create, this file to your GitHub repository. You will need to copy the RAW link for this file.

There is only a single line required to use this plugin. instance, String rawYamlLink);

That's it! Everything else is automated by the MajkVersioning plugin server-side.

For the Server Owner:
This plugin currently has only a single command. (More may eventually be added as features are implemented)

'/majkver' - Permission: "majkversioning.use"

This command will display a message checking all versions for registered plugins and then relaying that information back.

If the plugin is up to date. It will look like so:


Out-of-Date plugins will appear red with an updated version number at the end:




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