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Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.19 | 1.2k+ Purchases 6.8.25

High Performance | Customizable | Cross-Version | GeyserMC Support | 3.1 Reach Detection
  • Improved Fly check
  • Improved Phase check
  • Fix a console error caused by thread safety
  • Patched a Fly bypass
  • Added option to automatically remove expired logs
  • Fixed a Phase false flag on 1.8
  • Fixed a Tower false positive
File changes:
  • Improved Performance for 1.15 servers
  • Added a new option called "skip_rate" for Speed check,
    setting this allows Matrix not to check the blocks and collision boxes around the player on every tick, but to use cached results.
  • Fixed a Phase false positive on 1.8
  • Fixed a Fly false positive if the player gets teleported when falling
File changes:
  • Improved Performance, especially for 1.15
  • PlayerMoveEvent listener priority changed to LOW
  • Added an option to disable no slow check
  • Fixed an NPE console error in 1.8 server
  • Fixed a Speed false positive when switching items
  • Fixed some KillAura false flags when teleporting
  • Fixed false positives for ka.snap in some cases
  • Fixed a FastBreak false positive when the player is lagging
File changes:

Thanks for using Matrix <3
  • Removed async checks due to weird CPU usage
  • Fixed some false positives
File changes:
Dramatically improved performance and thread pool stability
- Improved the thread pool running strategy. It should now be able to better handle asynchronous checks and discard redundant tasks.
- Fixed a Velocity false positive (#1501)
- Fixed a Phase false positive on 1.8/1.12 (#1500)
- Fixed a auto clicker false positive when building bridge (#1495)
- Fixed a Jesus false positive (#1492)
- /matrix debug command is now running asynchronously
- Removed a debug message
  • Fixed a Phase false positive when stepping up blocks
  • Fixed an Elytra false flag
  • Fixed a KillAura false flag when the player has bad network latency
File changes: none
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