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Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.19 | 1.2k+ Purchases 6.8.25

High Performance | Customizable | Cross-Version | GeyserMC Support | 3.1 Reach Detection
  • Patched a movement bypass
  • Maybe fixed a performance issue
  • Improved Move check and patched some bypasses
  • Corrected some incorrect block collision shape(like iron fence, glass pane)
  • Shrink jar size
  • Add min_delay_diagonal setting for scaffold delay check
File changes:
  • Fixed various false positives
  • Fixed compatibility bug with the elevator plugin
  • Fixed a bug that player can use matrix command before login
  • Fixed a disabler for 1.17+ client
Files changes: none
  • Patched the log4j bug
  • Fixed a fast break false positive
  • Support 1.18 (make sure you installed the ProtocolLib 4.8.0)
  • Fixed some false flags
  • Patched a bow exploit bypass
  • Adjusted the default settings for movement checks
  • Fixed Geyser hook
File changes:
  • Supports custom VL decay, You can customize the interval and step of it. This can solve the problem that the VL of some checks drops too fast.
  • Fixed a bug in the utility class that might cause some false flags
File changes:
  • Added an option to disable the aimbot check to prevent players from attacking
  • Patched a move bypass
  • Fixed some move false flags
  • Fixed an API bug
  • Fixed a server crash bug
  • Optimize the code
config changes:
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