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High Performance | Customizable | Cross-Version | GeyserMC Support | 3.1 Reach Detection
Le daría las 5 estrellas pero no tiene soporte para 1.19.3 :c
es excelente en tema de detección, me gusta por lo práctico y fácil de configurar/modificar cada función
I think it's better than Spartan etc. among the ones I've used with less false positives!
Really good anticheat, but discord link is not working for me, getting 502 error
By far the most reliable anti-cheat out there , worth every penny!
Nice plugin, but I can't verify my purchase to get a premium account, because I don't have my paypal proof. Help me. I bought this about 2 years ago.
Really good anticheat, but totally no geysermc support (it disables checks for geysermc players) and poor movement checks
Operational patch to disable the new exploit, keep it up!
This is literally the best anti-cheat out there. Too bad it's not that well know. Beats other premium anti-cheats by far with its checks.
Mega Geil hat direkt funktioniert !
LoL i can't hack anymore with free client or other client, how this Anticheat work fine? Other anticheat is more problematic, this is a good anticheat, find me always when i hack :/
Great Plugin! This AntiCheat has great checks, minimal lag, an awesome GUI, and RE fixes all the bugs that you find!
Never gave the AntiCheat a rating since I've gotten it, but its an amazing anticheat and performs very well. I'd recommend to anyone looking for one. Plus awesome support!
I had tried many free/lite/trial anti cheat plugins on my server with many plugins. trial version of Matrix anti cheat was the only plugin that actually catches tons of hack abusing and at the same time, didn't confuse between plugin features and hack activities. Then I purchased the premium access. I'm very happy with this for more than a year. This is the one of the few mods that never gives me the feeling of wasting my money on premium plugins.
The best anti cheat I have seen, constant update, detects very well all types of cheat, almost no false positives and the best support if you have problems
Anti-cheat itself is great, although the support for it isn't necessarily good
Average anticheat it is better than the free ones, though there is one or two of other premium anticheats for the same price or even cheaper with much better detection and less false positives. Support is fast, but sometimes is not very helpful as sometimes Matrix is a bit stubborn and has no way to disable something via config. E.g some setbacks are impossible to disable, they are always enabled (and setback are ALWAYS BAD, who even need them??).
the plugin is one of the best on the market and I believe that as professional configurators we would not trust everything on just one antihack and moreover I believe that if it gives you false positives we will fix them the plugin delivers everything it promises we have to add our part anyway
"Advanced Cheat Detection" so it says in the title, yet of "Advanced" I see little and nothing. Let's start with the problems:
- Players completely thrown out at random
- Hacking players who are not even remotely reported
- Report vanilla client as "Wurst" and then the Wurst client let it pass quietly.
I could stay all day writing down all the errors found, but I don't want to waste time either. Twenty dollars spent in vain.
You didn't seek for support
The best anticheat... All checks works perfectly!
Very good anticheat, I would there is no false flagging.
For the ones that have "free version" message, you need to join their discord and contact the owner so they verify your purchase.
You need to upgrade!
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