A semivanilla based MCBG/Custom UHC command block structure.
File format
  1. Schematic
After about a few days of testing and making this command block structure, I feel that it's ready for a release.

This will be updated almost daily maybe even hourly as I add new features and updates to the system during matches.

This does require a few plugins if you want the grace period or the crate drops to work. I'll link them at the end of the post, now for some game details.

This game is being based off of PUBG(Player Unknown's Battlegrounds). Players spawn in a lobby before the match starts where they can either pick a team or be placed on a team manually(through a toggle). Once the admin/game master sets the settings the game will start. Depending on the worldborder chosen the players will be spread accordingly in teams. If you have worldguard and CrazyEnvoy installed then after a 10 minute grace period PvP will be enabled and crates will drop. Players have 1 hour before the borders start moving in. In their current state they move in 200 blocks every minute over the span of 30 seconds. They stop for 30 seconds then start back up. I have yet to setup a way to automate a final spot for the borders. During the entire match every 10 minutes TNT will drop around a random player in a "warzone" like fashion. There is a scoreboard that shows players, time and lives left.

If you have any suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Required Plugins:



One of the first versions of the structure.

If you'd like to test the gamemode please join the server it's hosted on(mc.tgh.nu) and wait for I(Kivl IGN) to announce that a game is starting. While waiting the server also has Survival and a Plot world.

How to use:
1. Get a server with Spigot
2. Get worldedit and other requires plugins
3. Make a schematic folder in the worldedit folder
4. Place schematic in said folder
5. Start server
6. Join server
7. Type /tp 0 150 0
8. Type //load {schematic name}
9. Type //paste
10. Place and press button on center block.
11. Profit???

Thanks for reading!

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