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MCMurder - Murder from Garry's Mod 1.0

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Garry's Mod Murder put into Minecraft!
MCMurder is the popular game, Murder, from Garry's Mod ( put into Minecraft.

What is the game, Murder?
Murder is a very simple game that consists of 3 roles.

- Murderer: This play spawns with a knife (iron sword) and their goal is to eliminate all the other players
- Detective: This play spawns with a pistol (bow and arrow) and their goal is to identify and shoot the murderer
- Bystander: This is everyone else. They are capable of collecting scrap (given randomly) to be given a pistol in an effort to eliminate the murderer.

The goal is for the detective and bystanders to indentify the murderer and shoot him. But be careful, you only have one shot with your pistol, and if you miss, you are eliminated. The murderer needs to be sneaky and eliminate players without getting caught! It is very simple, and easy to catch on.

MCMurder's Features:
- Unlimited arenas
- Three locations per arena: lobby, arena, spectate
- Ability to teleport to any of these locations
- Change the number of player's required
- Change the numbers of maximum players
- Lobby countdown, Roles countdown, and time between scrap given out
- Gun Scrap given out randomly and automatically
- Store player information (inventory, armor, location, xp, and gamemode)
- Automatic roles
- Join an arena randomly
- Built in anti-spectator blocking
- Disable players in game from placing/breaking blocks, picking up/dropping items, losing hunger
- Full in-game configuration
- Adjust all timings
- XP bar countdowns and message countdowns

/murder help : Default help for players : No Permissions
/murder join random : Join a random arena : murder.arena.join
/murder join <arenaId> : Join the specified arena : murder.arena.join
/murder join help : Help about joining arenas (includes a list of all arenas) : No Permissions
/murder leave : Leave your current game : murder.arena.leave

/murder help admin : Help with arenas
/murder arena create : Create an arena : murder.arena.create
/murder arena delete <arenaId> : Delete the specified arena : murder.arena.delete
/murder arena start <arenaId> : Force start an arena : murder.arena.start
/murder arena stop <arenaId> : Force stop an arena : murder.arena.stop
/murder arena enable <arenaId> : Enable an arena (must be disabled) : murder.arena.enable
/murder arena disable <arenaId> : Disable an araena : murder.arena.disable
/murder arena <setarena/setlobby/setspectate> <arenaId> : Set an arena's locations : murder.arena.setspawn
/murder arena tp <arena/lobby/spectate> <arenaId> : Teleport to an arena's locations :
/murder arena reload : Reload all arenas : murder.arena.reload

Put the jar into your plugins folder, and restart the server!
Be careful with reloads, it can break the plugin. If you get errors with any commands, just stop the server and start it again to fix it

# MCMurder is developed by Fudged. Please report all bugs on Spigot.
# Do not leave bad reviews if there is an error, instead contact me and I will fix it.

# Numbers used in the plugin
  # Seconds until game begins (lobby)
  GameCountdown: 30
  # Seconds until roles are decided (happens after the game countdown)
  RoleCountdown: 5
  # How many seconds should occur between each scrap? (Scrap happens every x seconds)
  Scrap: 15
  # Number of scrap required to get a gun
  RequiredScrap: 3
    Type: "IRON_SWORD"
    Name: "&eKnife"
    Type: "BOW"
    Name: "&ePistol"
    Type: "ARROW"
    Name: "Ammunition"
    Type: "GOLD_INGOT"
    Name: "Gun Scrap"
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Proof of Ownership:

Please contact me if you experience any bugs! :)

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