MCStatusBot | Minecraft server status on Discord v1.0.2

A premium Discord Guild Bot for displaying live status updates for your Minecraft Server.

A Discord Guild Bot for displaying live status updates for your Minecraft Server.


  • Live Status: Display the status of your Minecraft Server on Discord in real time. Allow members to see who is currently playing directly from your Discord guild without even opening Minecraft!
  • Customizable: The Minecraft server status message is fully customizable through chat commands. This allows you to personalize the look and feel of the bot to fit your Discord guild.
  • Configurable: All settings are stored to a JSON file in a logical manner. On top of being able to use chat commands to modify settings, you may also define options such as query interval through the config file.
  • Easy to use: MCStatusBot is designed to be easy to setup and get running quickly. Additionally, we have a support section to assist users in setting up and configuring the bot.
  • Speed and Stability: The bot was created with attention to speed and reliability during development. It is designed to be efficient and should use very little hardware resources.
For detailed information about this bot, visit the Wiki:

About this resource
MCStatusBot is a premium Discord.JS bot designed to allow users to display the status of a Minecraft Server within their Discord guild. It will poll data from the configured server address at user-defined intervals and will generate a RichEmbed message using the configured preferences.

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