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MCWorkstation 1.4

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This tool was designed to increase the workflow for both developers & config writers!
Welcome to MCWorkstation!
MCWorkstation is a tool designed for developers & config writers in Minecraft! This tool should (hopefully) lower the rate to which you need to google things like color codes, symbols, etc. Launch the workstation and everything you need is inside!

- Minecraft Color code picker
- HEX/RGB color code picker
- Minecraft Item Database
- Common Minecraft snippets
- JSON Validator/Prettify
- YML Validator/Prettify





If you are a developer and would like to contribute, or you'd simply like to build from source, here's the repository!

Feature Requests:
Now, seeing that this is an open source project designed by developers for developers, I would like to hear what you'd like added! This can range from snippets to entirely new program features! Let me know!

Hopefully you guys enjoy this as I know most of you may not find good usage for this. I only really see this program fit for Developers & Config writers, however we will see who else utilizes this!​

Latest updates

  1. Snippet Update

    UPDATED: - BukkitSchedulers now utilize BukkitRunnable rather than Runnable.
  2. Snippet Addition

    ADDED: - Cooldowns Snippet - Material -> ItemID Snippet
  3. Java Version Checking

    ADDED: - Java version check inside Launch4J Wrapper. - Java version check inside Java Application.

Latest reviews

So simple yet so helpful.. thanks for this!
Thanks for such kind feedback <3 Let me know if you think of any features you may want added!
Useful and nice application. Keep up the good work!
Thanks man! Will do!
Wow, Free? Thank you so much, Now I don't have to look up "ChatColor" every 5 seconds ! <3

Maybe add a Minimize button near the Exit button.

Awe thank you very much! I'll definitely add a minimize button for you!
Amazing! Keep on working on it.
Thanks man <3
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