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Minecraft Lobby / Spawn - Merle 1.0

Lobby/waiting Lobby or Creative spawn
This build is meant to be used as Lobby/waiting lobby or spawn area for Creative servers.

It's well built spawn area and it also features underground area for players to explore, parkour leading to nearby island and few small rooms across the map.

- Designed spawn platform;
- Parkour;
- Couple of small rooms around the map;
- Well lit underground area;
- No grass or flowers;

Extra pictures you can view here:
Click here
3D preview:
Video: Click here

Dimensions (approximately)
100x130 and height - 150 blocks

This build is being sold non-exclusively.


If you have any issues you are welcome to contact me.

Tip: Remember to use command [//paste -a]] when pasting this build on your server.
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