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Miniature Pets | Personal Companions v2.8.3

Boost up your game experience with amazing, customize-able and rich pets!
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  • Pug.png
  • Frog.png
  • Turtle.png
  • Duck.png
  • Boxer.png
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  • MP-8.png
  • Pug.png
  • Frog.png
  • Turtle.png
  • Duck.png
  • Boxer.png
  • Panda.png
  1. Games
Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
  3. Bungee
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18
companions hypixel pets
Dear valued customer, I hope you are enjoying Miniature Pets. If you aren't, that's probably on us.
If you feel like we've done you wrong, mistreated you in any way when you were seeking support, or you just don't like Miniature Pets; Then by all means, go ahead and leave a negative review, so we can do better next time.

With that said, please keep in mind that reviews are not a place to report bugs or make suggestions. For that purpose, we have an issue tracker that can be found here. Leaving negative reviews affects our sales, and we are confident that that was not your intention when trying to report a bug you've found. Reporting bugs and making suggestions is important, but please do it the right way, that way it will benefit all of us.
  • Player Commands
  1. /pet - Main plugin command; miniaturepets.spawn, miniaturepets.spawnother
  2. /pet ride - Ride your pet; miniaturepets.ride
  3. /pet hat - Makes your pet like a helmet; miniaturepets.hat
  4. /pet call - Summon your pet;
  5. /pet sit - Prevents pet from following you, toggle-able; miniaturepets.sit
  6. /pet disguise - Disguises you as your pet; miniaturepets.disguise
  7. /pet remove - Removes current pet; miniaturepets.remove
  8. /pet name - Allows changing your pet name; miniaturepets.setname, miniaturepets.setnamecolor
  9. /pet help - Sends help menu;
  • Administrator Commands
  1. /pet reload - Reloads the plugin; miniaturepets.reload
  2. /pet clear - Clears all of the pets in the world; miniaturepets.clear
  3. /pet clearall = Clears all of the pets in the server; miniaturepets.clearall
  4. /pet dump - Exports server information; miniaturepets.dump
  • Administrator Permissions
  1. miniaturepets.checkversion - Sends you a message in chat if a new version is available for download whenever you join the server.
  2. miniaturepets.allpets - Gives you access to all of the pets installed.
The simple integration between Citizens and Miniature Pets, it's completely open source!

Learn more at MiniaturePets/Citizens on GitHub!

Latest reviews

Why we don't get any new updates here? Once in couple of months.
Please keep it updated, I paid more than on spigot and it's always out of date here on mcmarket...
Everything is working with 1.18.1 update.
Hey Smoger,

I'm thrilled to hear that everything's been working good for you.


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