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Morph 2.1

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A Morph plugin based on the Morph mod!
This plugin is based on the Minecraft Forge Mod Morph created by IChun, You can transform into almost everything you kill and use the abilities that they have. Want to test it? Join!

Older Versions:
1.10: Download
1.9: Download
1.8: Download
1.7: Download

- Creepers explode when the die
- Bats, Ghast and Blazes can fly
- Rabbits have jump boost
- Squids and Guardians have waterbreathing
- Horses and Ocelots have speed
- Snowmen place snow wherever they walk
- Iron golems have strenght
- Ghasts and blazes can shoot fireballs
- Endermen can teleport
- Spiders can climb walls
- Snowmen can throw snowballs
- Zombies can eat their own flesh without getting poisoned
- Pigmen have speed
Most abilities are used by Shift+Clicking. These abilities can be disabled in the config if needed.

Installation/How to use:
This plugin requires LibsDisguises and ProtocolLib. After you have all the required plugins and put the Morph plugin in your plugin folder all you need to do is kill any mob and type /morph (mob) to morph into it.

#Do you want a sound/particle effect to be played when a player morphs
morph-sound: true
morph-particle: true

#Do you want a sound/particle effect to be played when a player unmorphs
unmorph-sound: true
unmorph-particle: true

#Allow morphing into players?
enable-players: false

#What worlds do you want this plugin enabled in?
#use <all> to enable in all worlds
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end

#Reset all of the players morphs when they die
death-reset-all: false
#Reset only the morph die died as
death-reset-current: true

#disable endermen? If enabled they can cause players to crash
disable-endermen: false

#When a player kills a morphed player, should he get the morph?
steal-morphs: true

creeper-explosion: true
flying: true
jump-boost: true
skeleton-shoot: true
enderman-teleport: true
squid-waterbreathing: true
ghast-fireball: true
horse-speed: true
ocelot-speed: true
snowman-snow: true
irongolem-strength: true
blaze-fire: true
zombie-eat: true
pigzombie-speed: true
snowmen-shoot: true
spider-climb: true

#Abilities cooldown (seconds)
blaze: 5
ghast: 5
enderman: 5
snowman: 0
skeleton: 0

stats: true

Commands and Permissions:
/morph help: Displays this help screen - morph.morph
/morph <mob>: Morphs you into the given mob - morph.morph
/morph toggle: Enabled/Disables the players abilities - morph.toggle
/unmorph <all: player>: Morph back to yourself - morph.morph
/morph status: Displays what you are morphed as - morph.morph
/morph recipe: Display the crafting recipes - morph.morph
/morph near: Shows if there is a player nearby morphed - morph.morph
/addmorph <player> <mob>: Add a morph to the given player - morph.morph.modify
/delmorph <player> <mob>: Remove a morph from the given player - morph.morph.modify

- morph.morph - Allows players to use the /morph command
- morph.* - for all commands
- morph.toggle - Allows players to use /morph toggle
- morph.into.* - gives players ability to morph into all players.
- morph.into.mob - e.g allows the rank to morping to a horse. morph.into.* overrides this.
- morph.bypasskill.mob - e.g allows the rank to morph into a horse without having to kill it first. morph.bypasskill.* for all mobs

WorldGuard Flag:
You can add the flag "unmorph" to a region and players will be forced to unmorph when they enter it. To use this flag this plugin is required.

Need help with the plugin? Click here to join my discord channel!

Latest reviews

I love that, it's is the bast plugin of disguise. I'm test in my server. It's it very good
Thanks! Glad you enjoy it.
Morphy is an excellent plugin, and Bumblebee, the developer is an awesome person in general and is willing to answer any questions you may have. Lets not forget, He's an awesome Co-Owner.
Thanks for the review :P


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