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Multiple Inventories [Skript] v.1.1

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Save and Recall Inventories with a few simple commands!
  1. Skript
Note: This is just a resource ported over here from spigotMC.

Have you ever (in a busy Owners, Developers or Admins life) had to dash off to help another player while testing plugins, or building structures and just wanted to save your inventory so when you return to what you were doing you have your original inventory. Or have you ever wanted to have an inventory ready for every occasion, instead of having to spawn items in or use a kit as a temporary storage space, and have that inventory, just one command away? Then this Skript is for you.

This Skript allows you to save your inventories contents under a name then return to them with a simple command. It is currently intended for Admins and other users who regularly use the same items to complete their daily tasks and want to save those items in an easy to access command.

Note: These are available in game by executing /inv help in game.

- /SetInv <name> - Saves you current inventory under the specified name.
- /inv - Displays all your recallable inventories.
- /inv <name> - Recalls the inventory under the specified name.
- /inv help - Displays the help prompt for the plugin.
- /delinv <name> - Deletes the specified inventory.
- /delinv all - Deletes all of your player inventories.


- inv.*
- All permissions.
- - Save your current inventory.
- inv.recall - Recall a saved inventory and set it as your current inventory.
- inv.delete - Delete a single, or all your saved inventories.

Note: Edits here will require a Skript reload /skript reload MulitpleInventories or Restart to take effect. These are available under the 'options:' section of the Skript.
    # The Version of this skript
    # No need to change this, it is just used so I can easily make updates to the Skript without locating Version Information
    version: &2v1.0

    # The Prefix before all messages
    # Change this to sometime specific to your server for some true customisation, for instance, for my server, I use "&6ArcaneInventories &8»".
    prefix: &7[&3MultiInventories&7]

    # The colour code used for all messages
    # This is the colour (or color) code used for all the messages displayed to the player.
    colorcode: &c

    # The colour used to highlight and show titles etc.
    # This is the colour code used to highlight certain parts of the text. For instance, the information part of /inv help.
    highlightcolor: &6

    # The permission message use if the user lacks the permission
    permisionmessage: {@prefix} {@colorcode}You are not allowed to do that.

- Skript Plugin. (Bukkit Page) (Download) (Documentation)
Skript is a powerful plugin that allows you to quickly create and distribute 'java like' plugins that by default come with the ability to be easily Changed and Added, without the need for a restart or reload. Skript itself is an English like language with a large support community behind it.

- Install Skript and Restart. Installation instructions for skript are available here.
- Navigate to "<Your minecraft servers base directory>/plugins/Skript/skripts"
- Place "" inside that directory.
- Edit "" with your preferred configuration.
- Execute "/Skript reload MulitpleInventories" in game

- Bug fixes
- Some less ugly menus
- Fix always saying "Inventory has been changed to OP" even when it has not been changed.
- Add the ability for users with permissions to 'invsee' others saved inventories.
- Leave your suggestions in discussion.

Please post Bugs or issues in discussion or PM me so I can get to them as fast as possible. If you can make contributions to the code please PM me any changes so I can get them added in future releases.

Latest reviews

Good concept and idea but, it has a lot of room for improvement.

While I do recommend you add a way of viewing an inventory without having to equip it and also allowing players to view other players saved inventories, I think you should replace all the "%player%" with "%uuid of player%" so the inventories will not be lost when a player changes their IGN. Last but not least, I think you should add a main command that does everything instead of a command for each section (/MInv %arg 1% %arg 2%).

Good Luck and I hope to see this great idea come to live!
Thanks for your thoughts. It should be noted that this Skript is quite aged and I have long since left the Minecraft community and have not played Minecraft let alone had a development server environment for quite some time.

This script was built for MC 1.4.X hence the lack of UUID support. The fact it still works at all is a miracle (though I think I updated it at some point to work with 1.7.X).

The reason this plugin exists is because I needed something simple to be able to recall inventories when I was running a server way-back-when. I considered writing a plugin for it but didn't have the time then - so I wrote something in Skript.

Skript is also long since dead (at least in a stable sense). This plugin was designed to be quick, dirty and just do it's purpose. Consolidating down to one command would add extra unneeded complexity and thus it was ruled out.

This plugin really needs it's own database and a UI manager that doesn't suck (like, not Skript) as well as a proper permissions system, alerts system, a way of differentiating passed types (and accepting different types or some sort of function overloading from a user input) and generally to be written in an actual language instead of Skript.


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