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MysteryChest // Loot Chests // World Generator // Item Designer GUI // 1.8-1.15.2 | 3.0.0

⭑ Custom MOB DROPS ⭑ Custom WORLD GENERATION ⭑ Custom ITEMS ⭑ LOOT Chest ⭑



Add Loot Chests / Treasure Chests into your World Generation
Perfect feature for Survival Servers & Farming Worlds!

Mobs can also drop MysteryChests

They are generated into your survival world

Use /mys place <tier name> if you want to place them manually

You can also give MysteryChest as Items


Use /mys chest <tier name>


MysteryChest allows you to create infinite custom items using powerful XML files.

Configurable custom Items



About the Plugin:
MysteryChest hooks into the world generation and adds Loot Chests / Treasure Chests to your worlds!

You can configure, which worlds generate MysteryChests. You can even edit the name of the chests as well as the content (the items) inside of the chest and the chance of chests and items appearing.

You can define as many items as you want. They are customizable like in the image above (A video tutorial is also available down below)

How to define Items (Video): items.xml & more
Do not use the '&' sign for color codes but the '§' sign. Thanks!

Enchantment names: Link to enchantment names
Item List: Link to Item name list

If you're still having trouble defining custom items using XML, copy and paste the existing <item></item> tags and edit the content inside of it. Don't forget to edit the id="XYZ" part!

Here is a GIF on how to copy & paste items and edit the ID.
Link to the tutorial - Edit the ID as shown there to later on access it.
Now just change the values between these signs: ><
<name>§cLegendary Sword</name>
<name>A new name!</name>
Do this with every information you wanna edit. Also delete or add other things you want to change!

How to define Tiers: tiers.yml

Tiers define the content and look of a chest. You can have as many tiers as you want.

DisplayName: By defining a DisplayName you say how the title of an opened chest looks like.

min_items/max_items: Tiers also say, how many different items may appear in a chest (minimum and maximum amount -> see image). It is always the minimum, the maximum or a random number between these two values.

Items: You can define the content (what items appear) by listing them in the Items list. Every item must have a chance to appear and an optional quantity (how many of them are in one item stack). If you don't specify a quantity, it is automatically 1 (useful for tools).

BE SURE TO INDENT CORRECTLY (like displayed above)! If you have any errors with your indent (tiers.yml won't load and shows you an error) please post your whole tiers.yml on, click on save (the left icon in the upper right corner). Then post the link to it inside of the discussion (Link to the discussion) as well as your error message from the console. I will try to answer in 0-24h (depending on your time zone).
How to configure worlds: worlds.yml

Intro: Inside of worlds.yml you specify the worlds where and how MysteryChests are being generated.
You do not have to generate MysteryChests in every world! Therefore not every world should be listed here.
Each world can have its own configuration e.g. you can have a higher chance of legendary chests spawning in the nether.

After Worlds, you list the names of your worlds.
When a world generates a new chunk (a 16x16 area), it has a chance of spawning a MysteryChest which you specify in ChancePerChunk in percent (%). Having 100 there would always spawn a MysteryChest (possible, but overkill).

Every world must have a list of Tiers. Use the IDs you specified inside of tiers.yml (see: "How to define tiers").
Then you set the Chance of the tier appearing. If a MysteryChest is being generated inside of a chunk (determined by ChancePerChunk), the Chances of the Tiers determine which tier will appear.
The calculation of it is described in the picture above.

The worlds don't need to exist when you add them to the file (but can)! Once the listed world is created (doesn't matter when), the plugin will automatically start generating MysteryChests in the specified world.
Shows all of the MysteryChest commands. You may use: /mysterychest, /mysterychests, /mys or /mysc
/mys place <tier_name>
This command will place a MysteryChest with the specified name at your current location. (needed permission: or OP)
/mys open <tier_name> [player_name]
Opens an inventory of a MysteryChest with the specified tier. If an optional name is present, the inventory will be opened for him/her. (needed permission:
/mys items [optional_page]
Opens an inventory containing all items you've defined in XML. (permission: mysterychest.items)
/mys save <item_id>
Saves the item you are currently holding in your hand into the file "generated.yml".
/mys give <player> <item_id>
Gives the specified player an item using its item ID.
permission: mysterychest.give

Thank you very much for checking out my plugin! I really appreciate any reviews and feedback.
If you encounter any problems while using the plugin (or have problems defining items/tiers/worlds), feel free to ask me in the discussion! I will help you in less than 24h (depending on your time zone) :)



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