MythicMobs GraveKeeper v2.0

The terrifying MythicMob GraveKeeper!
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Sale! This boss will be on sale until 1/01/2023 to give you a chance to purchase it with the new update!

The huge waited update is here! Welcome to the new gravekeeper. It now acts much different than the video with a ton of bug fixes and rebalance changes! Ask me in DM if you want to see it before purchase.

Notice: This requires you to have the plugin MythicMobs! Simply drag the skills to the skill folder, and drag the mob to the mob file to the mob folder.

Today I am selling one pretty big boss I've made. With over 875 lines used in the Skills file, this boss is truly intense and balanced for players.

Ever wanted to give your players a truly exciting boss? Every wanted them to feel terrified as they roam the server? Well here it is. A fully functional boss full of AOE skills to challenge any number of players!

It has been modified so it can run on Minecraft clients that only have 2GB of ram dedicated. If players complain, they must have a pretty terrible computer. I was able to record in 1080p and go against the boss just fine. However, the meteors have a lot less particles now, so they may not look as beautiful as the video! If you want them to look like the ones in the video, send me a message or simply change the effects to the one used for the bolt under skills!

Warning! It has 1.9 particles! If you have 1.8 or below you'll have to change those particles to something else! You can just send me a message and I'll do it.

Video footage of boss I'm selling:

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