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NamelessMC Plugin vPre Release v1

The NamelessPlugin is an official spigot/bungeecord plugin for the NamelessMC Website Software.

Current Features:
  • Custom Name commands
  • Register Command
  • Get User Command
  • Get Notifications Command
  • Report Command
  • Set group command
  • Group Sync (server -> website)(syncs on join)
  • Username Sync (syncs on join)
  • Messages.yml
  • PlaceHolders
  • Update Checker
  • Supports Bungeecord, Spigot.
Upcomming Features:
  • Add Sponge support(Maybe even PE Later)
  • View Conversations & reply

1. A NamelessMC 1.0.16+ website with a working api.
2. A Spigot or BungeeCord server, The plugin does not work with Bukkit.

1. First Download it.
2. Drag it into your plugins folder.
3. Reload/Restart your server.
4. Go into your website --> admincp --> minecraft --> enable api --> API Key, select your api key.
5. Go into your plugins folder --> NamelessMC then open Config.yml, in there change api-url to this <--)
6. Now enable/disable the features you want in Config.yml and reload/restart your server.

Group Sync:
1. Go into your website -> admincp -> users & groups -> groups and copy the group id you want to sync with.
2. Go into your plugins folder --> NamelessMC -> GroupSynchorationPermissions.yml and edit/create the groupID : permission.
Everyone with that permission you have set will get their group set on join.

Should be really simple, just go into the NamelessMC Folder and set one of the options to true ex. Alone -> Use: true and edit the commands.


Command names are set in your Commands.yml

Main, it will display commands and website url (only if sub commands are enabled)
Register <email>, if registration is enabled in config then it will register and send an email to the player so they can set their password.
GetNotifications, it will get how many pms and alerts the player has on the website.
Report <player> <report text> , if report is enabled in config.yml and that player that gets reported exists in website will be reported to the website.

SetGroup <player> <groupID>, Will set that players group to the groupID you have typed in.
GetUser <player>, Will get details about the registered player on website. Example, register date, valid etc.


  • namelessmc.main, main command.
  • namelessmc.register, register command
  • namelessmc.notifications, getnotifications command.
  •, report command.
  • namelessmc.admin.setgroup, setgroup command.
  • namelessmc.admin.getuser, getuser command.
  • namelessmc.admin.updatenotify, When player joins it notifies them about a update

MVdW Placeholders & PlaceHolderAPI
  • PM: nameless_messages
  • Alerts: nameless_alerts
EULA: Standard EULA
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Aug 22, 2017 Published
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