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NickGUI Perk to change name color within a GUI! v1.0

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Adds a GUI in-game to change your nick color! Perfect for a donator perk!
A much easier way for your Players to change their Name color within a GUI! Perfect for a Donator perk in Buycraft!

| Commands? |
| Permission Node |

| Config File |

| Nick GUI Preview |
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| Chat Preview |

| Coming Soon |
Bold Names? Click Me

More Color Choices (2-3 Colors left)

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Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
Great plugin for changing your nick color. But some configuration would be great.
(ie. Option for bold names, permission based colors, and a /nick reset or /nick off command like with essentials.)
I do hope you update the plugin.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Excellent plugin :D sadly some stuff isnt configurable
This license was given for free. What's this?
Good plugin, but it would be better to have editable messages. :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
Would recommend this to anyone with donator ranks :)



First release
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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