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NicknamePlugin - NO LONGER FOR SALE v0.1

Nickname yourself and others! Tab-complete, command replacement, vouch copies!
Fully featured nickname plugin!

⚡Nick replacement in commands (e.g. /tp Bob translates to /tp xx_bob123_xx)
⚡Tab complete nicknames!
⚡Nicknames show in tablist!
⚡Nicknames show above player's head!
⚡View a player's real name (/realname) !
⚡Nicknames show in messages

⚡Bob has made the advancement....
⚡Bob left the server
⚡Bob joined the server
⚡Bob was slain by...
⚡Nicknames persist over restart!


⚡/nick [player] <nickname>
⚡/realname <nickname>

Vouch copies available! Please do not be afraid to ask.

DaddyImPregnant 3/16 - "Works amazing"
James F 3/16 - "plugin works beautifully and runs smooth, does exactly what it says it will"
Zeimzey 3/16 - "Nickname plugin works amazing! 10/10 would recommend!"
BQRE 3/17 - "Fantastic plugin!"
Sega_Knuckles 3/17 - "Amazing plugin, works well"
Arabic 3/17 - "his nick plugin is the best"
FU22Y 3/17 - "actually works!"
AnimalJam 3/17 - "Works like a charm! This is possibly the best Nickname plugin I have seen out there"
SaulceX 3/18 - "I tested out the plugin on a skyblock server [...] Works perfectly, and has better functionality than the [...] free ones. Color codes, death messages, etc. All works great. Definitely worth one dollar, go [...] buy it."

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