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[OP-Faction] Crazy Crate Config HQ Unique 100+ Rewards 4 tiers v2

Uniquely configured 4 tier crates for your OP faction server

Today I want to offer you my pre-made crates configuration on crazy crate plugin. All 4 tier crates was professionally configured. There are 40+ prizes per crate. It also have custom kit name and messages. The config is ready to go all you need to do is drag n' drop it into your crazy crate plugin folder.
► If you have any suggestions or encountered issues don't hesitate to message me. Thank you :)

  • Custom Lores
  • Custom Message
  • 40+ rewards per crate
  • OP rewards


------------------------TERMS OF SERVICE -----------------------
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  • No Refunds
  • You are not allowed to redistribute or leak the configuration in any form, including as a part of any packages.
  • You CAN NOT resell or give away the configuration or any parts of it that are configured by me.
  • You are not allowed to take credit to any of my works.

Latest reviews

I appreciate all your hard work it's a amazing config! Thank you for making and selling it! <3 <3

DenserOne0 (Aka. Linkqed#6825)
amazing! I love this config really nice job on it!
B.S. Workz
B.S. Workz
Thank you for this awesome review, i appreciate it :)
Amazing! Please make alternatives for skyblock, and survival. If you made them I would buy.
B.S. Workz
B.S. Workz
Thank you for the nice review. Your request will be noted
omg this was a time saver man thanks
B.S. Workz
B.S. Workz
Thank you for reviewing our resource. We are glad that you are happy with our service.
This is SICK! but I wish more crates types was added for other game mods like skyblock
B.S. Workz
B.S. Workz
Thank you for reviewing our resource and knowing that you are happy with it. Your suggestions will be noted and will be implemented in the future resource update.
Everything looks really professional. Could add what i said in private messages, and it would make it a ton better. Super Vouch
B.S. Workz
B.S. Workz
Thank you for this wonderful review. We are glad that you are satisfied with our resource. All your suggestion in the pm will be noted. ☺

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B.S. Workz
Digital product
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4 Months
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5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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