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OpenEye AntiCheat | Advanced Hack Blocker [ BETA ] v1.6

| Prevent Major Detectable Hacks |
Supported software
Supported versions
1.13 1.14 anticheat beta

#you can found the staff on our discord ( in the config.yml )


OpenEye is a complete anti-cheat developped to effectively counter most current cheats without affecting honest players.
It was optimized to detect the fastest, while identifying and dismissing false positives.

Here is a video to see OpenEye in action:


This is a list of hacks that is officially detected by OpenEye :

- BunnyJump
- ElytraFlight
- Fly TYPE-A
- Fly TYPE-B
- Fly TYPE-C
- Fly TYPE-D
- Glide
- Jesus
- JetPack
- Ladders TYPE-A
- Ladders TYPE-B
- NoFall
- Phase
- ScaffoldWalk
- Speed-Hack
- Spider
- Step
- Nuker
- Blink
- Timer
- FastPlace
- WaterJump
- AimBow TYPE-A
- AimBow TYPE-B
- Critical-Hit
- KillAura TYPE-A
- KillAura TYPE-B
- TriggerBot

And more.

This is not the complete list of all detected cheats.
# Note: A cheat can be detected by multiple checks at the same time


OpenEye was developed to preserve servers and honest players of the cheaters, for that, it was necessary to adapt ourself to the constant evolution of the cheats industry by improving our detections, without affecting the server by lag (optimization), while preserving honest players from false positives.

OpenEye is configurable with a simple but effective default config. Only the main stuff is kept there.

Every time a player is banned or kicked, a log file will be updated in the OpenEye folder, which display the name of the banned/ kicked player, when, why, and where he got banned / kicked.

We have a very good customer support, and we take into consideration each of your messages, we have made available a discord link allowing you to directly contact us.

Thanks to this, each updates will make OpenEye more and more sophisticated, quick and efficient than it already is.


OpenEye has an easy to understand and very intuitive config, it allows you to set the punishment of each detection ( enable, kick, ban, notify staff ).

you have the ability to set the maximum ping that a player can have for the checks. If a cheat is detected but the player's ping is higher than defined, it will not be kicked or banned, but a message will be sent automatically to the staff of the server.

This is the current config:


- openeye.notify ( you receive a cheat detection message when a cheater is detected if NotifyStaff is "true" in the config.yml )
- openeye.bypass ( You will be able to bypass all checks )
- openeye.ban ( Get the permission to ban players )
- openeye.kick ( Get the permission to kick players )
- openeye.unban ( Get the permission to unban players )
- openeye.reload ( You will be able to reload the plugin )


/openeyeban [player] ( ban the player )
/openeyekick [player] ( kick the player )
/openeyeunban [player] ( unban the player )
/openeyereload ( reload the plugin )
/openeye ( main command )

these plugins features can be incompatible:

- Modification in vanilla movement, combat, building.
- Modification, or unknown minecraft enchantments.
- Client side block placing.

#Note: If you want to install a plugin that includes one of these modifications, please first try the compatibility between the concerned plugin and OpenEye (in most cases everything will be fine), if you have any issue contact us on discord. (link in the config.yml)

- ProtocolLib ( )


Installation is very simple, install the plugin ProtocolLib ( FREE ), accorded to your minecraft server version. Drag and drop OpenEye.jar into the plugins folder, and a complete restart of the server must be done.

# This plugin is ONLY working for 1.13+ / 1.14+

Latest reviews

Its a very good anti cheat, very good detections, worth the price and compete with more expensive anticheats, good support too, i recommend.

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