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PAC - PhantomAntiCheat Reloaded | DISCORD INTEGRATION | SALE 2.4.2

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Cheap, Lightweight AntiCheat Solution

What is Phantom AntiCheat you may ask?
Phantom AntiCheat strives to be a cheap and affordable AntiCheat with advanced features for your server protection needs!
We strive to protect your server from your hacker problems so your players can have an enjoyable experience while playing on your server!

Alright, that's cool, so what can this AntiCheat detect?

Kill Aura (A, Swing)
TPAura (InfinteReach)

Fly(Hover, Ascension, Glitch, Glide)
Speed(A, B, Y/1, Y/2, S>M)
NoSlowdown(Web, Vanilla Sword, Packet Sword, Soulsand)
Jesus(A, Hop)
Timer(A, B)
Sneak(Distance, Sprint)

InvCleaner(InHuman, Constant)
AntiVelocity (AntiKnockBack)

Scaffold(A, B, Swing)

'An * means it may not catch all clients'
'Anything in brackets are the different checks for that specific hack.'

Why should I choose Phantom over some other AntiCheat?
What differentiates Phantom from other AntiCheats is that we try to stop a plentiful amount of hacks at an affordable price with lots of features that other anticheats don't have such as language support, discord integration, a variety of checks and phenomenal support!

What features does Phantom have?

Advanced Checks
PAC uses lots of variables to determine if a player is cheating for the most accurate checks, while also trying too minimise performance impact on the server.

Discord Integration
With PAC you can use discord webhooks and easily send alerts to a channel in your discord server also it is really easy to setup and we also give support on setting it up in the discord.

Phantom tries to tackle cheats in the fastest most accurate while also trying to be as lightweight as possible.

Language Support
Phantom supports four languages out of the box and you can also add your own translations for your server it also allows staff members to change their prefered language in game with a simple command, also all languages that come packaged with PAC are translated by natives and not translation services such as google translate.

Phantom logs all alerts and saves them too a file in case you need to look back on them also they have ordered by time and have the time noted for easy examination.

Server Stats
PAC keeps track of bans and violations on a daily basis so you can keep up with how many cheaters PAC is dealing with.

Variety of checks
Phantom has a variety of checks to catch any sort of cheat from flight to antiknockback too scaffold and the list expands update by update.

PAC Allows the user to change check settings and check player violations with easy to use GUIs.

When you buy PAC you will get fast support over on discord from the wonderful PAC staff team.

Phantom gets updated regularly with updates coming out every few days fixing bugs and improving checks.

I test every version too make sure it is a smooth as possible with the least amount of bugs however I am only human and some bugs will inevitably get through however when they are reported I will fix them as fast as possible for the next update.

Can I test Phantom?
The test server IP is however it could be down sometimes for testing and if it is join the discord too find out when it will be open again.

What Is PAC+?
PAC+ is an addon for PAC that can give you extra checks and features for example the KillAura Check and an Improved Scaffold Check.


Example of some of PACs GUIS

Video of Improved Scaffold Check!

Video of KillAura Check in action

If you want to buy PAC+ you need to own normal PAC then message me on discord at D3thPhantom // ジ ョセフ#8723


- ProtocolLib

pac.notify - Allows players to see notifications
pac.admin - Allow players to access PAC's admin features

/pac - Lists PAC's commands
/pac cancel [Player] - Cancels a players autoban
/pac notify - Enable/Disable notifications
/pac lang - Change the language
/pac ban - Allows you to enable/disable autobans for each check
/pac vl - Allows staff to check a players violation level for every check.


#Phantom Anti Cheat Config
#If you need any help with the config send me a message.

#The language that PAC will default too (Make sure you have the right language file for your chosen language)
default-language: en
#The prefix that is used by all messages
prefix: '&7[&dPAC&7] &8'
#The command that is ran when a player is banned
banCommand: ban %player% %message%
#Message that bans use
banMessage: '%prefix% Unfair Advantage \n BanID: %banID%'
#This is just for testing so I wouldn't enable it.
debug: false
#Enables bungee alerts
bungee: false
#Enables discord integration
discord: false
#This is where you put your webhook url for discord
discordWebhookUrl: ""
#This allows you too chage the avatar of the bot used
discordAvatarUrl: ""

This is an example of a language file for PAC which can be customised so your staff can select the language of PAC ingame!

lang-name: English
alert-message: '%player% has failed %check% VL: %vl%'
language-changed: Language changed too %language%
pac-command-description: Shows PAC commands
pac-lang-command-description: Opens the language GUI
pac-check-command-description: Opens Check GUI
option-toggled: '%option% has been toggled for %check%'

Latest reviews

Worse then ncp and that's saying something
pretty horrible doesn't detect fly and i legit tested wurst tpaura and it worked NO JOKE LMAO
Project hasnt been worked on in 1 year, detections are awful
Used this plugin for a while, even purchased and tried the PAC+ version, but both are bad in my opinion, it falsebanned almost everyone for no slowdown and timer. And when I actually used timer with vape to test it didn't detect it. I already notified the developer, but he didn't change it. Would recommend different anticheats.
Amazing, tested it with couple of others, and trust me I will be using it!
The movement checks are awesome (couldn't really get a speed bypass going) but it has some exploits (most of them are fixed, not in public clients). The combat checks are fine, but they need to be improved. Overall good anticheat, would recommend.
The developer is easy to work with. Support is fantastic. This has many great anticheat features. 10/10 great plugin.
Awesome developer to know and be friends with. Tries his best to make this AntiCheat awesome! Helped him out in improving his Jesus and Speed check as well. Hope to see him come out with even better versions, or improve the things I've helped him with.
love this anticheat good job
10/10 perfect! Buy from this developer he is amazing.


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