Avatar's Pandora creatures!
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  1. Weapons
  2. Tools
  3. Other items
  4. Mobs & bosses
Supported versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.19
File formats
  1. Blockbench model
  2. JSON
  3. PNG
  4. YML
  5. Other
Implemented with
  1. ModelEngine
  2. MythicMobs
  3. Optifine
  4. Other
Crediting original
Dimorian created Banshee Fly Mechanics! ( no more in use, but BIG THANKS to you!)
avatar banshee direhorse hammerhead hexapede mobpack models navi pack pandora
Contributors: Dimorian​

What is this?​

  • A bigger and high quality mob collection for your minecraft server which uses spigot plugins "Mythic Mobs" in conjunction with "Model Engine" and "MCPets" and lately also "Denizen"!
  • My mobs have custom models, animations and of course textures, so you get entirely new mobs on your server!
  • My mobs also have a MythicMobs configuration and high quality Denizen scripts!
  • And the last important thing, my mobs have their own custom sounds and items!

What do you get?​

  • Banshees, in Na'vi: ikran, they are large, dragon-like aerial predators. You can mount on them and also fly with them, the only thing you need is a Banshee Lead custom item, that will allow you to tame a Banshee, so you can summon them as mounts!
  • Direhorses, in Na'vi: pa'li, they are nectarivores, vaguely horse-like in appearance, with very long necks and small heads. As you may know, this horses have strong armor so they can be used as a weapon, just mount on them, take a sword, right click with it on this epic horses and you will get a nice buff for a short period of time!
  • Hexapedes, in Na'vi: yerik, they are most amazing, but also most shy creatures of Pandora. They have six legs and they are fast as hell!
  • Hammerhead Titanotheres, in Na'vi: 'angtsik, they are really, really, really big and stong six-legged creatures. Just don't upset them and everything will be ok!
  • Viperwolfs, in Na'vi: nantang, they are small, hyena/wolf-like carnivores that have six legs. This magical creatures are neutral untill you attack them or their friends, they are really fast creatures so don't upset them!
  • Woodsprites, in Na'vi: atokirina', they are the sacred seeds from the Tree of Souls. These little guys can follow you and watch you, or just ignore you and randomly fly in your area!
  • Helicoradian, in Na'vi: loreyu, meaning "beautiful spiral". It is the famous plant that shrinks when touched. But beware, if you destroy her near Hammerhead, you better run!
  • Na'vi, in English: the natives, they are taller than usual Minecraft characters, they are fighting against monsters and so they are very friendly. Beware, if you hurt Direhorses or Banshees near them, you are dead!

  • Exo Mask, comes in two variants, a brand new RDA respirator or if you get unlucky and find some bad guys which can hurt you, there is a chance that your mask can get broken!
  • Banshee Lead, basically a lead with which you can tame a Banshee, it has custom taming system. It has its own vanilla like texture and it is a fully scripted item!
  • Hunting Axe, that can be used for woodcutting, or killing enemies (Woodsprites can bless you)...
  • Hunting Knife, that can be used for killing enemies, or your special purposes (Woodsprites can bless you)...
  • Ceremonial Bow, last thing is this cool bow, with effects of Na'vi culture (Woodsprites can bless you)...

The installation instructions are included!​

Need a help?​

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