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Perfect Spigot & Config1.7-1.15 Support No Lag 1.6.0

A perfected cannon Spigot and Config! 100% Guaranteed to fix all cannons!
NOTE: This resource is NOT BeerSpigot Premium!
If you would like a spigot for large scale/serious servers, consider upgrading to BeerSpigot Premium, ElapsedSpigot, or StellarSpigot here:
Mid Tier: BeerSpigot
High Tier: ElapsedSpigot
Enterprise Tier: StellarSpigot

Comp 1_1.gif

Cannon Patches
Cannons can be difficult to work with. I've always seen problems with people having broken Spigot jars, poorly made configs, and other bugs and glitches with cannoning.

This resource will completely fix all of your problems!

What's included:
→ Fully Functional 1.8 Cannoning Spigot
→ Optionally disable left shooting
→ Optionally disable auto cannons
→ East to west cannoning patch
→ 20TPS Triangles
→ East to west & triangle cannons work together
→ 1.7-1.15 Client Compatibility
→ Configuration to minimize lag while not disrupting cannoning
→ Optimized startup script
→ World terrain generators (Provided in bukkit.yml)
→ Optimized paper.yml with proper patches
→ Effect Modifiers for better pvp
→ Basic PvP Enhancements
→ Better water and lava draining
→ Better player exhaustion configurations
→ Better hoppers
→ Worldborder Patches
→ Sky Limit Patch
→ Core patches illegal cannons (Roof Cannons, Worldborder cannons, etc)
→ Web patches (And other blocks)
→ Triangle Cannon Patches
→ Worldborder entity patch
→ TNT Blows up lava
→ TNT doesn't give knockback
→ TNT doesn't hurt players
→ Web limits
→ Fencegate sandplate patch
→ Piston push limits


Example Videos:

Frequent updates will occur! Please report any bugs that may be present!

Contact me:
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Latest reviews

Hello. I bought the spigot and i can't download it please help.
Been looking for this PERFECT spigot & config for my growing server! Glad to have found this! If your having problems with your factions server cannoning this is the BOOM item you need for that!
works perfectly on my 1.12 server. i didn't not need to configure anything. it fixed all my issues I was having. thank you!!!!!!!!!
Quality jar & great developer helps with all issues and helps to fix them in minutes much love & recommended <3
The best quality faction jar for the cheapest price! No issues at all.
However a suggestion is that you could improve the printing on the jar if that is possible, but without that - definitely worth the $$$!
Top quality spigot and configuration. I would highly recommend as the players on my server love it.
Thanks, glad you like it!
Worked perfectly and have not had any issues so far! Would recommend to any factions server, our ram usage went from 80-90% usage down to 30-40% usage which is incredible!
Thanks for the review!
Worked amazing so far! I have had this for 6 monthes now with no problems with this purshase. Considering getting premium. Sadly its expensive.
Thank you very much for the review! And yeah, it's expensive, but well worth it. :)
i gotta say, i wasnt expecting this to be as good as it is. i tought there was only going to be some minor improvement. But this is amazing. Good job! i will totally buy the premium when i feel its time for an upgrade! Thank you for making this!!
Thank you!
The seller (Beer) was amazing! I bought this resource a couple of days ago and cannons work flawlessly. I had a slight issue (not with jar file itself, but with plugin) and Beer was able to help me resolve it.

Thank you from myself and my team,
Thank you!



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