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Pevepe 0.2 (PvP Plugin) for Minecraft 1.12.1! 0.2

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A PvP plugin
This is my plugin Pevepe and this is a pvp plugin. Right now there are 4 kits (more to be added) and also a nice "on join spawn" where you get teleported to the spawn when joining the server.

Right now the plugin has 4 kits to choose from, archer, fighter, tank and ninja!
Archer is based upon using a bow, it's damage comes from its bow but it has a nice little "knife" you could use in sticky situations.
Fighter has everything you need, a great armor & a great sword. You will need to use your mighty sword to defeat your enemies.
Tank is a heavily protected fighter who can resist alot of damage. It doesn't have the best sword and damage but it's protection is underrated.
Ninja is based upon using your flexibility to kill your enemies. It has a high-damage sword but it may not have the best armour. It will shred through your enemies very quickly!

The plugin also, as said under "About" it has the "on join spawn" feature where you basically teleports to a spawnlocation set in the config file or you can also use the ingame command /spawnset.

Commands & Permissons

/kits - Opens up the kit-menu.
/spawnset - Sets the spawnlocation where your character is standing.

Pevepe.kitmenu - Allows you to open the kitmenu, default players should have this permission.
Pevepe.spawnset - Allows you to set the spawnlocation, default players should not have this permission.
Pevepe.inventoryclear.onjoin - If you have this permission your inventory wont clear when you logout. May be useful for staffmembers.
Pevepe.kit.archer - Allows you use the archer kit.
Pevepe.kit.fighter - Allows you use the fighter kit.
Pevepe.kit.tank - Allows you use the tank kit. - Allows you use the ninja kit.

Extra info

If you find any bugs or if you feel like something is wrong, feel free to dm me about it.
And also if you're using this plugin dm me and I will write your server up(If you would like to) and I will also check your server out!


You are not allowed to sell or act like this is your plugin under any circumstances.

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Nice pvp plugin! keep going! :D



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