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Player Emotes 1.6

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Cool in chat taunts, actions, and other fun things! Includes option to make your own!
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  • Do actions in chat or with another online player
  • Perms for each emote
  • Perms to view emotes!
  • Config for all messages!
  • Reload Command!
  • Placeholders for target and player
  • Command to remove yourself or other players from cooldown
  • ADD YOUR OWN EMOTES! (easy to make)
  • Particles
  • Sound Effects (Pick your own)
  • GUI for Emotes!
Video from Player Emotes Pro

Video from 1.5.2

Recorded a video of this plugin? I'll post it here! Just let me know in a PM or a reply to the discussion!
Video from 1.4.0

Servers Running Player Emotes: - Running Player Emotes Pro

- PM me to have your server added to this list -

  • emotes.reload - Default: op
  • emotes.hear - Default: op (lets you see emotes in chat)
  • - Default: op
  • emotes.use.highfive - Default: op
  • emotes.use.poke - Default: op
  • emotes.use.greet- Default: op
  • emotes.use.cry - Default: op
  • emotes.use.cheer - Default: op
  • emotes.use.bow - Default: op
  • emotes.use.beg - Default: op
  • emotes.use.bark - Default: op
  • emotes.use.applaud - Default: op
  • emotes.use.thumbsup - Default: op
  • emotes.use.raspberry - Default: op
  • - Default: op
  • emotes.use.flirt - Default: op
  • emotes.use.hug - Default: op
  • emotes.use.slap - Default: op
  • emotes.use.kiss - Default: op
  • emotes.use.wink - Default: op
  • emotes.use.laugh - Default: op
  • /emotes - (Displays help information)
  • /em - (Opens Emotes Menu)
  • /emotes menu - (Alternative for opening Menu)
  • /emotes reload - (Reloads config & messages)
  • /emotes list - (Lists all emotes you have permission to)
  • /emote <custom emote> [player]
  • /highfive [player]
  • /poke [player]
  • /greet [player]
  • /cry [player]
  • /cheer [player]
  • /bow [player]
  • /beg [player]
  • /bark [player]
  • /applaud [player]
  • /thumbsup [player]
  • /raspberry [player]
  • /smile [player]
  • /flirt [player]
  • /hug [player]
  • /kiss [player]
  • /slap [player]
  • /laugh [player]
  • /wink [player]
<something> = required
[something] = optional

Donate to help encourage me to work on more projects for free!

Cooler particle effects, with options of which to use!
Add more emotes - Not really needed due to option for custom emotes!
Add a particle effect - Added in 1.5.0
Add a sound if you're targeted - Added in 1.5.0

Add a GUI?
- Added in 1.4.0
Add a way to create custom emotes - Added in 1.3.0
- Suggest more ideas in the discussion section -

emote-cooldown: 5
use-sound: true
sound-effect: "ENTITY_VILLAGER_YES"
use-particles: true

## All custom emotes MUST be listed here as well as below with lower casing and same spelling
## An error will occur if you list something here that doesn't exist below
  - punch
  - spin

  not-emote: "&cThat isn't a registered emote!"
  bad-usage: "&cBad usage, do &o/emote <emote> [target]"
  ## If a custom emote is not done with this syntax, it will fail, and depending on how it is put in, may cause a the plugin to not load
  ## Make sure you use notepad++ or some other file for editing yml files, and don't use TAB
  ## These also use the %player% and %target% placeholders! :)
    permission: "emote.custom.punch"
    self-punch: "&3%player% &3puts em up!"
    other-punch: "&3%player% &3punches %target%&3!"
    permission: ""
    self-spin: "&3%player% &3twirls!"
    other-spin: "&3%player% &3spins %target%&3 in a circle!"

cooldown-message: "&9You're on cooldown from using emote commands!"
reload-message: "&aMessages, config, custom emotes, and GUI settings reloaded!"
noPermissions: "&cYou do not have permission to use this command!"
bad-usage: "&cBad usage, do &o/<emote> [target]"
bad-usage-remove: "&c&o/emotes <remove> [player]"
not-online: "&c%target%&c is not online or does not exist!"
  - "&6How to use emotes"
  - "    &e&m---------"
  - "&6You can use an emote on its own"
  - "&6with &e/<emote>"
  - "&6You can target another player with an emote"
  - "&6with &e/<emote> [player]"
  - "&6*-* &eGUI - &o/em &6*-*"

## Emotes
# %player% - Player using the emote
# %target% - target of the emote

self-highfive: "&b%player%&b goes for a highfive!"
other-highfive: "&b%player%&b highfives %target%&b!"

self-hug: "&b%player%&b opens their arms for a hug!"
other-hug: "&b%player%&b hugs %target%&b"

self-kiss: "&b%player%&b puckers up!"
other-kiss: "&b%player%&b kisses %target%&b!"

self-slap: "&b%player%&b slaps themself!"
other-slap: "&b%player%&b slaps %target%&b!"

self-flirt: "&b%player%&b flirts"
other-flirt: "&b%player%&b flirts with %target%&b"

self-dance: "&b%player%&b does a dance!"
other-dance: "&b%player%&b dances with %target%&b!"

self-smile: "&b%player%&b smiles."
other-smile: "&b%player%&b smiles at %target%&b."

self-raspberry: "&b%player%&b blows a raspberry!"
other-raspberry: "&b%player%&b blows a raspberry at %target%&b!"

self-thumbsup: "&b%player%&b gives a thumbs up!"
other-thumbsup: "&b%player%&b gives a thumbs up to %target%&b!"

self-applaud: "&b%player%&b claps!"
other-applaud: "&b%player%&b claps for %target%&b!"

self-bark: "&b%player%&b barks!"
other-bark: "&b%player%&b barks at %target%&b!"

self-beg: "&b%player%&b stats begging!"
other-beg: "&b%player%&b begs %target%&b!"

self-bow: "&b%player%&b bows!"
other-bow: "&b%player%&b bows to %target%&b!"

self-cheer: "&b%player%&b cheers!"
other-cheer: "&b%player%&b cheers for %target%&b!"

self-cry: "&b%player%&b starts crying."
other-cry: "&b%player%&b cries on %target%&b."

self-eat: "&b%player%&b eats a snack!"
other-eat: "&b%player%&b eats with %target%&b"

self-greet: "&b%player%&b greets everyone!"
other-greet: "&b%player%&b greets %target%&b!"

self-poke: "&b%player%&b pokes themself!"
other-poke: "&b%player%&b pokes %target%&b!"

self-wink: "&b%player%&b winks!"
other-wink: "&b%player%&b winks at %target%&b!"

self-laugh: "&b%player%&b laughs!"
other-laugh: "&b%player%&b laughs at %target%&b!"

## ICONS / GUI Menu Things
# Keep everything lower case, use proper spacing, no tabs!
# Use the Material name! An example can be found below, not all default emotes are in the GUI, only those listed.
# Custom emotes can be put in the gui
  self-name: "&3EMOTES &a-- &9Self Emote!"
  other-name: "&3EMOTES &a-- &9Targeted Emote!"
  select-type-name: "&3EMOTES&a-- &9Click a type!"
  pick-player-name: "&3EMOTES &a-- &9Click a player!"
  indiv-item: "clay_brick"
  indiv-name: "&bSelf Emote"
    - '&9Click to use an'
    - '&9emote on yourself!'
  multi-item: "brick"
  multi-name: "&bTargeted Emote"
    - '&9Click to use an'
    - '&9emote on someone!'
    name: "&bPoke!"
      - "&3Click me to"
      - "&3poke someone!"
    item-id: "stick"
    custom: false
    name: "&aGreet!"
      - "&3Click me to"
      - "&3greet someone!"
    item-id: "firework"
    custom: false



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