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Player Reports | Discord Messages 1.4

Organise your reports with this simple but awesome skript!
  1. Skript
discord reports skript
Having a lot of servers in your bungeecord network and it's hard for your admins to check every player? The simple reports systems with messages are hard to notice or can be missed when afk?
Then try this awesome discord bot out!

  • Connect to your discord server and send messages to a channel.
  • Resolve the report with one fast click.
  • Separated channel for resolved reports.
  • Different report limit per day for members and VIP players.
  • Admin command to block players from reporting.
  • It's looking really good!
  • It's a skript so you can edit anything!
  • Everything is easily configurable, you don't need to know skript to edit!

The report:

Resolved reports:
Top reports (from my own server):

Commands & Permissions:
  • /report <player> <reason> - No permission
  • /blockreports <player> - reports.admin
  • Have more reports than the member -
Discord command:
  • /topreports - you can select the groups that can access the command in the script.
All permissions can be changed from the file!

  • Skript
  • Vixio 2.0.4
TO-DO List:
  • Make the daily reports global not per server (MySQL)
  • Notify the player when a report made by him has been resolved.
  • Give me more ideas.
Read how to use the plugin in the
If you are having any problems, contact me before making a review!

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.4 | Removed messages that were shown on the latest skript version

    Removed a few warning messages when reloading on the latest skript version and added more...
  2. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug with topreports
  3. Updated for Vixio

    Updated for Vixio 2.0.4

Latest reviews

Great! Keep it going :3
great report skript!
Nice skript to work with!
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