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Highly customizable player vaults that don't suck.

Finally a player vaults plugin for bukkit that isn't 3 years without updates, and doesn't suck! This is a highly customizable high performance plugin, and runs live on DistrictPvP (300 players on D2 sometimes) with 0 lag or dupes/bugs.

  • Permissions-based number of vaults for maximum flexibility
  • Highly customizable via the configuration
  • Players can change their vault icons
  • Players can change the names of their vaults
  • Extremely lightweight async code distributed across multiple cores
  • Uses enterprise technology for reliability
  • Tested in large production environments without problems
  • Returns to main vault menu if player uses /pv, opens a vault, then closes one. So players can easily move between vaults. It sounds minor, but to players it isn't.
  • Due to mysql this can be used cross-server without any trouble
  • Provides a couple awesome APIs under the hood
Technology Under the Hood

This plugin uses RedCore under the hood which utilizes hibernate (a very powerful ORM used in enterprise) for databasing. The configuration utilizes gson+POJOs for consistency, and easy interoperability. The data is stored in hbm2-generated mysql tables after being serialized to base64.


Create a database for playervaults to use.

Start your server up with the plugin, and then turn it off. Look in the PlayerVaults directory, and open config.json.

Put in your database information, and edit vaults.json to your liking. Be careful with stray commas! If you see a gson error this is almost 100% for sure the cause.

Give your players vaults.vaults permissions and vaults.vaults.# for the number of vaults you want them to have. To give someone admin give them vaults.vaults.admin

Start your server up, and you're ready to go!

Configuration Options

  • All icon names, lore, and material
  • The position and color of every icon and glass.
  • The menu titles
  • The prefix for all of the messages to easily brand this plugin and make it look custom.
  • Debug mode: use this if you're making a plugin that depends on playervaults. PM me and I can give you a bit more detailed information on how the API works.

  • vaults.vaults - the base permission you need this to use vaults at all
  • vaults.vaults.# - the permission to open vault #. This starts at zero not one!
  • vaults.admin - the permission to use /opv to see others' vaults
  • /pv opens your vaults menu where you can open vaults, rename vaults, or change vault icons.
  • /pv x opens a specific vault directly. These start at zero not one!
  • /opv [playername] [vaultno] to open another players' vault
  • /pvr requires op, and will reload the plugin
Dependencies (You need both of these, free)
RedCore (written by Redmancometh - me)

Provides a wrapper for Hibernate, provides a caching layer for databasing, provides hikkaricp connection pool. Does *nothing* without being implemented by another plugin such as PlayerVaults.

RedMenu (written by Redmancometh - me)


Provides a simple menu system, and typed selector system. Very very little resource usage.​


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