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Enjoy exciting Playtime and Vote levels with our clean and optimized configuration!

Terms Of Service:
1) No refunds, all payments are final and non-refundable.
2) Initiating chargebacks or opening a PayPal dispute will void your license agreement.
3) You are not allowed to use our plugin codes in your own plugin.
4) You are not allowed to resell our plugin/resource as your own plugin/resource.
5) Sharing your license key to anyone is forbidden.
6) Distributing the plugin or source code, or any other resources such as server setups, through any means, including Java programs or others, will violate your license agreement and result in termination of the license.
7) I reserve the right to terminate your license and remove you from the sales list at any time, without explanation or justification.
8) Prices are non-negotiable and will not be altered to meet a purchaser’s request.
9) All non-exclusive and semi-exclusive content created by us remains the property of me, unless specified otherwise.

Custom work privacy:
1) Custom work carries a premium cost as it involves creating a plugin or resource tailored to your specific requirements and specifications.
2) Payment must be made in advance prior to the commencement of any work.
3) Please allow 1-14 days for delivery of your plugin or resource.
4) Terms of service also apply for this type of service.
5) Your plugin or resource will be fully customizable and configurable.
6) Prices are non-negotiable and will not be altered to meet a purchaser’s request.
7) The most important thing is: We don't work for free!
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