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Plex Bot | Multi-Purpose Discord Bot 1.3.0

Moderation, Music, Tickets, Giveaways, Buttons, Backups, Leveling, Addons System

Latest reviews

I recently switched from Corebot to Plex Bot and am very happy with the decision.
Although Plex Bot doesn't have quite as many features as Corebot and there aren't too many addons available for it yet, but the setup seems to me to be much more modern and easier to configure.
Also the support via Discord is very fast and more helpful.
Updates are also released more regularly. The dev is very active.

-1 star because some "fun" (category) features aren't fully translateable and the documentation could be more complex for the bot features.
Bot was good after when i try to update it my config shutdown and bot too. I made ticket on discord, supporter made new config with "work" but pastebin now is 404 and support after ping no response. 5 days without response - 5 days without bot. Sorry don't recommended
This has been resolved, the pastebin expired because I set it to expire after 1 hour.
The bot functions are great, but the support is not good. The developer does not answer in a long time, unless you say you want to buy something. Some messages can not be edited directly from the lang.yml file, so you have to search on the other files (some ones are obfuscated) with Ctrl+F to modify these messages. I still can't find some messages to translate, because the main bot files like the interactionCreate.js event are obfuscated. There are also some bugs, which im still waiting to get fixed, for example, the bot status does not work, constant Discord API errors in console... I will update my review if the support and reviews improve.
Thanks for the review! A fix was uploaded for the bot status in the bot-announcements channel until a new update gets released. I'm not sure which API errors you mean, so if you could post them in the bot-bugreports channel that would be great.
Very good bot, very good support, and very cheap for having so many features
I like this bot very much, very good bot and useful for my discord server, it is the best bot on mc-market
If I had to recommend a very affordable discord bot to anyone, it would be this one!
Many features, and very efficient support!
Thank you very much for your work!
Excellent bot and support
very good bot, very good and quick support
I will not complain the bot is quite complete, the same as in the other the dev does not take suggestions to improve this same but the bot is quite complete missing more improvements such as editing the general panel or the main menu to not edit it from .js and improve some aspects such as the way in which errors are displayed is easier to read and some other things within all the bot is very useful and very complete.



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