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PMC Server Bumper v1.0.0

Automatically bump your PMC server post
Planet Minecraft Server Bumper

Tired of bumping your server's Planet Minecraft post every day? This tool will help you out by automating the task! Simply edit the included configuration file, and run the application. It'll automatically login to your account and bump your server without any extra work on your end.

It should take less than a couple minutes to set up, after that bumping your server will be done with one simple command

This tool can easily be combined with command schedulers such as cron so that your server is bumped every day at the same time.

  • Java 8

Simply run the included jar file like so
java -jar pmcbump.jar

Output on first run

A file named will be created in the same directory

Edit the file with your PMC and server information

Username and password are pretty self-explanatory. Put the same login information that you use for PMC here (Don't worry! This information isn't sent to me or stored anywhere else, it's ONLY transferred to PMC. You can check the source if you have any doubts)

Finding your member ID
Member ID can be found in the following way
- Visit; Login if needed
- Right-click on your profile image in the top-right of the page
- Click open image in new tab
- Go to the tab the opened up, and take note of the URL
The URL should be something like the following

Your member ID will be the digits between the last slash, and the underscore. For example, mine is 209278

Finding your resource ID
- Go to your server's post on PMC
- Take note of the URL
The URL should be something like the following

Your resource ID will be the digits between the last dash and the last slash. For example, mine is 3004178

Finally, save the file, and run the application again!
java -jar pmcbump.jar

If everything went right, you should see something like the following

If you need help setting up the config, feel free to drop me a PM.

Setting this program to run every day
By itself, this program won't bump your server daily. You'll need to setup an external program to run PMC bumper when desired. I've included links on how to do this for common operating systems below.
- Windows
- Ubuntu/Linux
- OS X

Source available on GitHub
This application is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license
EULA: Standard EULA
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Feb 18, 2017 Published
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