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Portal Page | Config.php | Easy to Use | Free 1

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Download this portal page and set everything up in seconds with the user-friendly config.php file
This is a free to download and easy to configure portal page. If you would like to use this portal page then download all of the files, upload the files to your webhost, and edit the various options in the config.php file (don't worry, this file isn't 1,000 lines long with 164 options).

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Latest reviews

How does this works?
Great Person Great Portal!
A few tips for the developer
- Do not use @import it is an out of date method and slows down the webpage, just have it all linking to your HTML
- Look into making your own animations, it's quite easy once you take the time to look into it.
- Try putting
overflow: hidden;
into your body tag
I use @import like many others to hide things. If it's in the HTML it's clearly visible.

There's no point in recreating something that already exists - I was taught this by my mentors. You really shouldn't waste your time making something like animations when hover.css and animate.css is available.

Putting overflow: hidden on the body tag only works on desktops. Mobiles ignore it and therefore it can lead to the webpage looking like shit.
Looks awesome!
Does it work with wordpress?
Some mobile issues with the overflow, and also a bit slow on loading. (looks like site loading was overlooked)
This occurs as firefly.js adjusts to the screen on load. If you resize your browser and then refresh the page this will not happen. Firefly.js is fixed to the size of the browser window when the page is loaded.
Its cool. Well done, simple and clean.



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