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Portal Page with Players & Copy IP v1.0

Website portal for MC users.
This portal Page has 3 buttons on it Forums, Store, Vote. It also has a simple copy ip button that also will show you the current players. The IP can be put in by going into the index.php file.


This is a very clean and nice looking Portal page. The Logo will swing from left to right in a nice smooth motion. All images are from Google or from my own library, that I have built up over time.​

Latest reviews

hey.. um this looks great but how do I use it.. I know nothing about websites but i'm trying to get into opening my own mc server.. Could you show me how? or tell me how? that'd be great... Skype: Fuqingpikachu Email: [email protected]
wow ty, now i get a factionslab portal page, thanks for letting us use it.
This is an exact copy of ( ) portal, you just changed the background image and logo. Pretty scummy
Razor Development
Razor Development
That is funny because I am the creator of the website. So I have all rights to this.
Great portal!
Nice & Clean code
Razor Development
Razor Development
Thanks. I am trying to get my REP before I start to offer any services.
It's a great portal, and, it's free!! :D
Razor Development
Razor Development
Thanks. I am going to make as much stuff Free as I can! give back to the community.
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