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{PotionCommands} Toggle Potions [unmaintained] v1.4

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Use commands to receive potion effects!
So, I used the original Skript on my server, but it lacked a lot of key potions, that I would love to see added, so I decided to go ahead and update it to have every vanilla potion effect in the game.

The original Skript is by TheNarwhal, if you would like this to be removed, feel free to PM me.

[+] Receive potion effects upon using a command.
[+] Configurable tier strength (changeable from I to II)
[+] Highly configurable
  • Chat prefix (Default: "(PotionCommands)"
  • Enable/Disable messages (Default: "You enabled {effect}!"
  • Commands & Permissions
  • Potion potency
  • Potion length
[+] Lightweight, easy to use

The commands for this plugin are really simple. It's just /{potionname}, so for example, /speed would enable Speed II, /regen would enable Regeneration II, /strength would enable Strength II, etc.
- /nightvision
- /speed
- /strength
- /regeneration
- /leaping
- /invisibility
- /waterbreathing
- /haste
- /resistance
- /fireres

As the commands, the permissions are really simple. It's simply {potionname}.use. If you would like a full list of permissions, here you go.
- nightvision.use
- speed.use
- strength.use
- regeneration.use
- leaping.use
- invisibility.use
- waterbreathing.use
- haste.use
- resistance.use
- fireres.use

Major Differences//
My updated version adds 3 new effects to the Skript (Haste, Resistance, and Fire Resistance.) I was going to add every effect in Vanilla minecraft, but who would want the option to enable poison or instant damage, kind of lame. My version also has better grammar, to make it flow better. I corrected the enable/disable commands, along with tidied up the Skript. I also fixed waterbreathing, it used to be /wb which would interfere with servers who had WorldBorder installed, so I changed it to /waterbreathing instead.

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