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PramsPlayerCounter v1.0

Keep track of how many players have joined your server!
PramsPlayerCounter simply keeps track of how many players have joined your server! Everytime a new player joins your server, it will broadcast a message, welcoming the player and showing what number he is.

- Keep track of how many players have joined your server
- Reload the config from ingame with /ppc
- The message is configurable and comes with placeholders
Suggest me features?

- /ppc - Reload the config

- pramsplayercounter.reload - Access to reload the config with /ppc


You can change the message in the config!

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics. It just collects stats like player amount from the server, nothing harmfull.
Fore more information about this, visist

Latest reviews

Good plugin, however the {UNIQUE} tag in Essentials does the exact same.
It does its job, but you've named the main class "Main" and your reload command returns false because you didn't add a return true after the reloadConfig(); It also doesn't show any message if the player has the permission to do the reload, which should happen.
I know the general rule is to not name them Main, though there really is no problem doing it, as the plugin does not have an API or anything that requires other developers to use it.
Thanks for your review.
EULA: Standard EULA
3.50 star(s)
Average rating (2)
Jun 17, 2015 Published
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