Premium Tebex Theme - PIE v2.3

Professional Tebex / Buycraft Platform Theme
v2.3 Changelog

- Changed container width to make it consistent across store content & header/footer.
- Changed spacing to be consistent between store content & header.
- Changed shadow on container cards (reduced shadow opacity).
- Changed basket currency & basket icon bar height (reduced height).
- Changed Discord guild ID & Server IP to make it easier to edit through JavaScript settings.
- Changed page loader styling. (Added more "rods" and changed "rod" width).
- Changed footer height and adjusted footer rows to be equal width.
- Changed "Back To Top" button as separate element, it will now be visible at bottom right corner and follow on scroll. (Previously was in the middle of the footer).

- Added fade in/out effect to the external slide out tab.
- Added space between header and logo.
- Added player counter for mobile devices as it was previously hidden along with IP box. (IP box will remain hidden on mobile).
- Added particles to mobile/tablet devices.
- Added different text when "Custom price" is enabled for package, will display "CUSTOM" instead of "FREE" on package.
- Added variable in JavaScript settings to allow easier editing of discord invite link.

- Fixed the issue where logo on the header wouldn't be centered.
- Fixed the issue with modules appearing twice on mobile devices.
- Fixed the issue with donation goal appearing twice on mobile devices.
- Fixed the issue with particles causing page to go outside of the viewport, causing some elements to be not accessible without scrolling horizontally.
- Fixed package display on some mobile/tablet devices, where packages would only take up half of the available space within container.
- Fixed "Flip navbar" (theme editor) option leaving empty space on right side.
- Fixed "close" button barely being visible in the style editor on light mode.
- Fixed extra slide out bar basket item listing going outside box if the package name was too long.
- Fixed intro block look when donation goal was enabled, making intro text going outside box on mobile devices.
- Fixed package countdown not displaying when package is set to expire.
- Fixed theme color / text color not being the same on different pages when changing through theme editor (same goes for light mode & fluid width).

- Removed "steamLoggedImage" variable from JavaScript settings, If "loginType" is set to "steam" through JavaScript settings, Minecraft avatars both on header & extra slide out bar will be replaced with steam icon, if "loginType" is set to anything other than "steam" it will detect if user is logged in through discord or as Minecraft user. If the user is logged in through discord, discord icon will be displayed, otherwise a Minecraft avatar will be shown.

- Updated template files to the latest version Tebex templates.
v2.2 Update Changelog:


- Added new text color choice "Lavender", can be chosen in the Style Editor as well as setup as default color from JS options.
- Added new theme color choice "Plum", can be chosen in the Style Editor as well as setup as default color from JS options.
- Added ability to set light mode as default mode.
- Removed some non-used code.
- Ability to change option to hide Minecraft avatars (When logged in) from displaying through JavaScript options.
- Updated light mode.
- Header logo will now redirect to the store main page.
- Added hover effect to the main logo.
- Footer logo will now also redirect to the store main page.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed duplicated navbar appearing on some pages.
- Fixed some button colors on light mode.
v2.1 Hotfix Update

Bug Fixes

- Fixed 'Community Goal' panel header text going out of the container.
- 'Community Goal' now won't be moved to the main container, it will stay within its own container. Use 'Payment Goal' module if you want it displayed on the index container. (You need to replace 'module.communitygoal.html' File)
- Fixed color issues with the discord login module.
- Updated 'options.html' file and added package navbar to it, which will fix some spacing issues on some paged. (You need to replace 'options.html' File)
- Fixed major issue with 'Community Goal' module, where modules would be duplicated on the mobile device.
v2.0 Massive update



- Updated footer logo opacity and display.
- Removed deprecated code for Tebex login bar.
- Updated default website color. (Was purple, now orange)
- Package font size reduced.
- Removed color changer from the left side view.
- Removed discord module from the left side view.
- Removed "Discord / Color Widgets" change option from the "Style Editor" as they were removed from the left side view.
- Updated header design, now including discord and login display.
- Added "To the top" button to the footer.
- Updated light mode displays (Light mode will have overhaul in future updates, it's not where it should be)
- Removed top navigation bar on phone display.
- Added variable option to edit particles color through Javascript.
- Added variable option to remove "Style Editor" on the footer.
- Added variable option to remove Light mode option in the "Style Editor"
- Added variable option to change header background.
- Changed footer logo display and added fancy hover.
- Added hover animation to the "Style Editor" button.
- Altered colors of header gradient to make them look more vibrant.
- Moved tebex package navigation bar on phone under the info tab.
- "Back to home website" button removed.
- Language tab will be hidden if there are no languages to select.
- Removed user hub from the info tab, since another user hub was added to the header.
- Updated 'Featured Package' display.
- Updated 'Recent Payments' display.
- Updated Tebex navbar dropdown display.
- Modified overlay background (Table/Style changer) to be darker for better visibility.
- Added custom "FAQ" and "Info Buttons" modules to the main page.
- Revamped "Rank Feature" table system, the table button will now appear on the main page and you will have option to disable it. aka there won't be need to create new page for it and do the URL changes.
- Much much more!

Bug Fixes

- Fixed header logo display. (Going out of header area depending on the logo size)
- Fixed footer logo display. (Going out of footer area depending on the logo size)
- Fixed top navigation bar dropdown display. (Dropdown pointing towards right, text on the left size, text height reduced)
- Fixed double scrollbar bug when opening package modal. (When package description was long)
- Fixed packages display dropdown getting overlapped by footer.
- Fixed bug where discord online display wouldn't go above 100.
- Added limit for package images (185px height max). (Going out of box area if the package image was big)
- Fixed logo display on smaller screen resolutions.
- Fixed "Top Customer" image and text display.
- Fixed "Featured Package" button positioning on mobile device.
- Fixed "Feature Package" not displaying package if it was free.
- Fixed language tab display.
- Fixed login button not appearing on mobile devices.
- Much much more!

Updated screenshots on the main resource page!

If you are currently using the theme and you want to update it, you will have to replace everything over again. This will remove any current changes you have done with the theme. For questions and support join the discord group linked on the main resource page.
- Added main file missing in the download.
v1.4 Massive Update

- Added 'Purchase' Buttons on the feature table where you can enter links to packages manually.
- Changed so widgets are not displayed on the table page.
- Added Extra information sliding bar that displays current user and cart information.
- Modified 'Featured Package' module.
- Added Style Changer (Accessible from the footer).
- Style Changer Includes (This is per user customization):
I: Ability to make web-store 'Fluid Layout'
II: Ability to switch to Light Mode. (WIP)
III: Ability to move Tebex Login bar either to the top/bottom of the page.
IV: Ability to make Discord / Color widgets non-sticky, meaning they won't follow user as they scroll the page.
V: Ability to flip sidenav either to the left or right side.
VI: Ability to change text colors.
VII: Ability to change theme colors.
- Sidenav will now be sticky and come down as user scrolls down, it won't go outside the specific 'box'.
- Added 4 other theme color options (Asphalt, Dark Slate, Darkness and Dark Gray)
- More!

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed color issue on the discounted packages (Original price display).
- Fixed table display on the smaller screen devices.
- Fixed some coloring issues on the containers.
- Fixed text alignment for the containers on the mobile devices.
- Fixed IP Box overlapping navigation bar dropdown.
- Bunch of other small stuff.
v1.3 Update

- Added sitemap back to the footer.
- Fixed footer display for the mobile / Tablet devices. (Modules won't get hidden anymore)
- Updated Color switcher design.
- Updated Discord widget code.
- Removed useless code.
- Fixed bug with the "About Us" section not allowing uppercase letters.
- More.
v1.2 Update

- Added gradient animation for the header module (Preview on the main page)
- Added ability to manipulate some modules.

- Ability to fully hide main navigation bar (top of the page). (Incase you are using Tebex only without any other websites linked)
- Ability to hide "Back to the home website" Button. (Incase you are using Tebex only without any other websites linked)
- Ability to easily modify IP Address.
- Ability to easily modify Guild ID.
- Ability to easily modify default page color.
- Fixed numerous bugs (Table appearing on every custom page, Texts overriding navigation bar on mobile, text not visible on discount ribbon, extra widgets getting squashed together & much more)
Jesse Pinkman
First release
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