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[Price Dropped] Negafinity's Logger Plugin: Understand Crash Reports 1.2

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Negafinity's technology allows server owners to easily track the status of their servers from the we


Servers run into issues all the time, especially gaming servers. Negafinity's technology allows you to easily track the status of your server from the web. Track player count, lag, and even see what plugins are causing issues.

Negafinity’s Logger Plugin and Performance Panel enables users to easily view the status of their server, including performance information such as TPS, Loaded Chunks, Loaded Entities and Loaded Tile Entities as well as Player Count, and Player Country.

In addition, Negafinity provides the most advanced, efficient, and accurate method of measuring the exact impact of plugins on your server’s performance. You can easily view the plugins have the largest impact on performance, and even see more detailed information, including the top methods impacting lag.

Negafinity’s Performance Panel exists fully in the cloud, so you can view the status of your server anywhere, anytime. Get set up and start viewing your data in just 5 minutes.


NEW Crash Report Monitoring

Crash reports aren't easy to figure out. Negafinity's Performance Panel will tell you what plugins caused a crash so you never have to guess! Our panel will keep track of your crashes every week, and even send an alert email when your server crashes, so you are always informed.

Player Count

Monitor player count with ease. Effortlessly view trends, enabling you to effectively advertise to your target audience. Figure out what times players join, what months player count picks up, and more.

Player Country

Figure out where your players are coming from. Using Geolocation technology the Negafinity performance panel enables you to track what countries your players originate.

Plugin Impact

The Negafinity performance panel uses advanced tools to collect accurate information about your plugins and their impact on the performance of your server. Negafinity analyzes the complex data so you don't have to, giving you a clear and simple report of what plugins are having the most severe impact on your server in real-time.


TPS, or ticks-per-second is a simple measurement of server performance. Negafinity's performance panel allows you to easily view TPS trends over time, and against player count. Effortlessly monitor your TPS from anywhere.

Shareable Reports

Easily create interactive reports through the Performance Panel, enabling you to allow other people such as developers to help alleviate problems.

Automated Warning Emails

In addition to the web-based system, one of Negafinity’s most useful features are the warning emails. Once your server is added, you may configure the Performance Panel to send you alerts whenever TPS drops below a certain level. These emails automatically trigger the creation of a report, enabling you to view what was going on even if you see the email hours later.

Monitor Multiple Servers with Ease

Negafinity’s Performance Panel is built with ease of use in mind. You can install multiple servers the exact same way, and easily view data from each of them in the panel.

Cloud Storage

Negafinity saves all your data in the cloud. You will have access to all your data from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

Painless Installation

The Negafinity performance panel was built with simplicity in mind. The Logger Plugin integrates seamlessly with Linux and Windows operating systems. Installation is a simple drag and drop process with minimal configuration.


Crash Reports Overview:

On this screen you can easily view your server crashes. The graph reflects how many crashes you had each day, and the percent compares your server's stability to the previous week.


Crash Report Info:

On this screen you can view the details of a certain crash. The type of error/exception is listed at the top, the stacktrace is depicted below that. On the right side, the possible sources of the crash are listed in order of probability; the higher on the list it is, the more likely it is to be the cause.


Server Overview:

On this screen you can view the overall health of your server, including a detailed graph of various aspects of your server, especially those that have an impact on lag.


Plugin Overview:

On this screen you can view the impact of each of your plugins on the server, ordered by their impact on your server.


Plugin Details Overview:

On this screen you can dive deeper into a plugin and discover which methods specifically are causing lag; especially useful for developers to alleviate issues.


Player Overview:

On this screen you can view a graph of your player count over-time, as well as a Pie chart of what countries your players are coming from.


View More Screenshots Here


The Negafinity Logger Plugin is like any other plugin, and is installed in the same fashion.

You simply drag and drop the downloaded JAR into your plugins folder, to install, and configure it using the built in commands.

Full instructions are listed here


Supported Platforms:

The Logger Plugin supports Windows and Linux machines, and Java 8 is required/recommended for usage.

The Negafinity Performance Panel is completely web-based and can be viewed on any device with an Internet connection and a modern web browser.

Latest reviews

This resource is too handy. Cant thank the author enough.
This is great! I can understand all of my SMP server's crashes and errors now :)
Oh my god! Excellent work man! Keep up good work!
Thanks so much!
10/10 Very good tool for server owners! Thanks for that great tool!
Great to hear!
Really good tool for server owners.
Thank you!
5/5 for my boy Hassan, always does well with his projects, this is a must have :D


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