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PRISON REBORN | CUSTOM PLUGINS | Drugs | Trees | Menus | Bombs | Enchants 2.1

♛ Prison Reborn ♛ Premade OP Prison Setup |
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  1. Prison
Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
  9. 1.16
  10. 1.17
  11. 1.18
  12. 1.19
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You may check out all my servers at the address below:

The test server also includes a /cheat menu so you can see all the different ranks and such without spending hours grinding. This isn't in the real setup.



This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!


This isn't just a quick little setup, this is a well-organized custom coded project that is made for large and small servers. This is the next generation of Prison setups. Completely rewriting the books about how prison servers should be. This setup includes some amazing features that make it stand out from any other server on the market, period.


There are FOUR completely custom plugins included in this setup.

Allows players to drop the bomb into a mine and have it quickly clear the mine.

Players may purchase drugs via the shop and grow them in the Plotworld which then be sold or used for different effects.

After fixing up a lot of the bugs with the public version, I then talked to the developer to gain full access to this resource and I now am the sole owner of this amazing custom plugin.

A completely custom chat format plugin with a lot of amazing effects, completely unique to the reborn series for outstanding chat performance.


(Custom Coded) Drugs Plugin
(Custom Coded) Bomb Plugin
(Custom Coded) ResourcefulTrees
(Custom Coded) ChatReborn

Explosive Pickaxes
Blocks Rewards
14 Amazing Kits
Pickaxe Levels
PvP Arena
26 Normal Player Mines (Locked and Unlocked with GUI)
5 Prestiges (More coming very soon!)
5 Donor Mines
5 Crates - Including Donor
Out of the box ranks, (includes staff and donor ranks)
Optimized Shop


These builds were exclusively built. No ugly PMC builds like some other setups you will find.









Elemental Trees: This is one of the main features of the setup. The goal of this is to allow players to plant trees that actually generate resources for them. You may plant a tree by dropping a sapling and the tree grows. You may view our trees in-game with /trees


Drugs is a custom plugin that gives your plays another exciting thing to do. Players are able to purchase seeds and grow them in the plotworld.

Allows you to view the servers drugs there are 5 current drugs in this setup, Marijuana, LSD, Meth, Cocaine, Steroids.

If you feel that drugs are a bit inappropriate for your server feel free to contact me and I will rename them and make it kid-friendly.


Warp Menu: Fully displays all available warps and updates depending if you have permission for the warp.

Kit Menu: Splits the kits into 2 categories, player unlocked kits and purchasable kits.

Player Kits: Shows all player kit's and where you can unlock them.

Donor Kits: Displays the kits that are purchasable via Buycraft. Instructions for adding these kits to your Buycraft are included in the README.txt


This plugin is 100% CUSTOM CODED BY FroggyKnight. There are 5 different bombs included with this setup.

Player Bombs:

There are 3 Player Bombs,
Small: 5x5
Medium: 9x9
Large: 12x12

Donor Bombs:
Donor bombs are able to give you fortune while exploding.
Basic Donor Bomb: 9x9 Gives DOUBLE the resources
Advanced Donor Bomb: 9x9 Gives TRIPLE the resources


There are 5 crates included with this setup. 3 player crates, 1 donor crate, and 1 bonus tree crate.

Vote Crate:

Rare Crate:

Epic Crate:

Tree Crate:

Donor Crate:


This setup comes with 5 donor ranks (Elder, Knight, Lord, King, and Emperor) and 4 staff ranks. The 5 donor ranks include their own mines and various perks which are granted to your players after purchase. Commands for Buycraft are also included in the link below.

Perks for each rank can be found at


The setup includes some amazing custom coded enchantment plugin, this plugin allows players to purchase unique enchantments to their tools and armor using /enchant!


Not only is there a shop included with /shop but players can also create their own shop with /chestshop This will help balance the economy while also giving players another thing to do on the server.



Mining Block Rewards
Each reward comes with a message to announce to players they have unlocked a reward. There are multiple types of rewards. You can change rewards in the EZBlocks folder.


Onetime Rewards
100 Blocks - 25K
1,000 Blocks - 40K
10,000 Blocks - 75K
Interval Rewards
Every 200 Blocks - 3 Tokens
Every 500 Blocks - 10 Tokens
Pickaxe Rewards
10,000 Blocks - 100 Tokens
50,000 Blocks - 500 Tokens

5 Prestiges
After reaching the top rank players may prestige with /prestige this will return the player to A rank. The player will then start again from A rank but there will be a few differences, rankup prices will now be multiplied by 1.2x and the kits he has previously unlocked are now locked (not donor kits). Players will also have a tag before their name to show they have prestiged.


Players may also place and collect bounties on other players with /bounties. This feature incorporates a bit of PvP that a lot of players enjoy.


Clear Lagg
Because of our plugin Elemental Trees, a lot of items may be left on the ground. This plugin will remove all of those pesky ground items every 5 minutes to ensure that your server stays lag free.


Chat Reaction
Players are able to earn additional tokens by competing in a chat reaction competition every 5 minutes. The person who unscrambles the word and types it the fastest is awarded some tokens they can use for enchanting.



I offer extensive support for free. If you are in need of any help please feel free to contact us at the support link below. Along with any support you need you may also become a VIP which gives you 20% any other of my setups.

Latest reviews

very good setup, use java 8 and its all good. some small buggs in shop menu. but the reason for the 4 star is the support, its really slow and not helping ;(
This is a decent setup, slightly basic but good progression and so. Had a quie a few bugs with shop and trees and crates but and support is quiet slow! Overall a good bang for your buck setup =)
A pretty basic Prison setup, with not much "Prison" in it. Using 1.8 as the base is very limiting, and there are a large number of bugs, balancing issues, and inconsistencies that I've been unable to get fixed. Support is quite poor (I have 13 open questions with the author for a more recent pack of theirs, and have waited a full month for responses. Requests to get Prison's balance fixed were met with a "no"). To make this usable we needed to do a lot of re-work and it's still not great.
Every else seems to love the balancing and have a great time, you are the only person who continuously has issues, this is due to all the things you change. Please be sure to read all information before purchasing as it seems you missed a lot. Thanks.
Awesome setup! Easy to work with and worth every penny.
Thanks for the support!
As others have said, and I agree, this setup requires some work depending on what you expect out of a pre-made setup. I'm not afraid to heavily customize this setup, so this setup is still 5 stars because of how much leg work this setup has taken care of for me. Seriously a huge time saver. The setup is arguably not reason to buy, however, because the vip support is so helpful and amazing. I would recommend this setup to anyone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty and just needs to get a quick prison setup up and running.
Thank you! I always love feedback on this. If something isn't working make me aware of it and it will be updated right away!
Few issues i had to add in but to be expected on a premade setup but it is well worth the money i paid for this
I'm glad you like it! Contact me we will get all the issues squashed for you!
I didn't think this setup was really anything that special. There were multiple issues (A few of which have been solved). Spawn is bland and uninteresting, shop has very interesting prices, plenty of stuff was left over from setup/testing or previous builds of this setup (Such as old unneeded folders, and plugins only really needed for setup), some plugins are very behind on their versions, couple of unneeded plugins that have no mention anywhere (Or really any use), and performance would be an issue for some players as a single clearlagg plugin does not function as an efficient server optimizer (No paper or anything, in fact mobs are spawning in the worlds, making the server track useless entities). There were other issues I had with this plugin, but these are just few. I know I can implement any of these changes myself, but in a pre-setup like this I expect it. Newer players buying pre-setups won't realize many of theses issues and won't do anything about them, thinking everything is fine. Maybe I am expecting too much

I know I'm focusing on a lot of negative things, but some really nice things about this setup is the mines (All 26 of them) are really nice, the custom tree's plugin is actually very cool, bombs and other prison utils are awesome, crates are very nice and well setup. Of course that's just a few, there are lots of very nice things with this setup.
Great i like that! :D
I'm glad you like it, if you need anything feel free to reach out!
A very great premade setup looks amazing has really cool ideas only a few bugs but easy to fix!!!
Thank you for your support! If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me.
Tons of features, Wonderful setup
Thank you for the review!


Digital product
License duration
First release
Last update
4.74 star(s) 35 ratings

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