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PrisonCore v1.1.13

Prison Core, Discord integration, Autosell, Constantly updated

Prison Core Version: 1.1.12

What is Prison Core?

Prison Core is what it's named, a core being made for prison. The core is coded in skript but all data is stored in the plugins folder. There are configs and player data. The prison core handles many features which can be seen down below.

- Skript (here)
- SkUtilities (here)
- SharpSK (here)
- Vixio (here)
- SkQuery (here)
- Tuske (here)
- PermissionsEx (here) or LuckPerms
- Any Economy plugin (iConomy or Essentials works)
- Vault (here)

Or download them from:


Main Features:
- Rankups and Prestiges
- ChatFormat
- Autosell
- Gui shop + Second Economy
- Discord Integration
- General:
- Motd
- Playtime
- Config Based (Everything is customizable)

- Autosell:
- Sellall
- Auto inventory

- Discord:
- MC Chat to Discord
- Account linking
- Command: -stats | This shows the user their in game stats whether they are online or offline the server.
- Command: -ip | Sends the server IP in discord
- Command: -website | Sends the server website in discord

- Shops:
- Shops accept XP, Tokens, or Money
- Shops are GUI based, you can set them up

Many more features are planned to be released!


Support discord:
We have a support discord if you have any issues feel free to ask in support or open a ticket. We will help you if you need help with anything.


PrisonCore has an advanced wiki containing all the information you may need to install it or set it up. Although at times it can be a bit outdated, if you see any issues please send me a private message on spigot or discord.








Terms and Conditions:
- Do not claim you made it
- You may edit the file, but if you do no support will be given to you.
- It's your duty to make sure all dependencies are installed and working on your server.

Latest reviews

Please also add group manager and fix the bugs.
Thank you!
This project is sadly no longer active due to me switching to java rather then skript and I don't have the time to maintain it.
this core is very good i love it.
Thank you for the kind words! Have you joined the discord?
This Is Probably the Best Prison Plugin I have found BY FAR! So many things to do and stuff ;o I would recommend this to anyone looking to start a minecraft server.
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5.00 star(s)
Average rating (3)
Apr 13, 2018 Published
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