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Professional Creative Setup | 5.00 $ Rankup System Pets Trails Tags [40% OFF] v2018-10-16

Rankup System, WorldEdit no permission needed, GUI's and more++ | Take a look at the Test Server



Hi there, Welcome <3 !
Hope you will like the setup. :)

Please read the whole resource info to figure out why this is not a casual Creative Server.



  • Authme login
  • BroadCaster
  • RankUP Submission
  • ChatReactions (so players are not bored also)
  • Custom GUI's 9 custom GUI's with one command they can access to them all /menu
  • Heads menu a big database of heads
  • Protection against WorldDownloaders, Forge Mods, LiteLoader (Builds are protected)
  • FastAsyncVoxel & WorldEdit No lag on your server even with small amount of RAM (Tested 300 MB hahahha)
  • PlotSquared
  • DeluxeTags
  • Pets
  • Trails
  • No bugs
  • No lag
  • SimpleSit
  • Tab list Custom
  • Supported versions 1.8-1.1.0
  • Anything else you want ? PM me with suggestions :tup:

Once you connect to the server choose a server Creative on Hub. (Commands are enabled in Glass Chamber on the Test Server)

Today I am representing to you a creative server setup, you might have seen this type of this server, but many of you haven't.
So what kind of creative server is this ?
This is A Creative Server which will keep players busy (they won't get bored so easily).
Why do I think so?
Personal experience (Creative was always full) and because the server has a way of competition, where the players with the best builds get promoted to the next rank, each rank provides more commands, which makes building it more easier.
So maybe now you are asking yourself, except donator ranks, you are giving them a lot of WE and Voxel permissions so they can play around. Well maybe the best thing even from donations is that. Some of them are going to be good at building, they'll promote fast to the Builder rank, and then you'll have Builders. Builders which will for 0 $ build for you. A lot of money you'll save by going this way. Server doesn't even request a lot of RAM you can run it between 2-3 GB for 20 players peak. Plus there is a plugin which reduces the WE and Voxel lag where the builds 1^n10 get pasted within 1 s (might seem slow, but I did this on the server with 400 MB of RAM so....) imagine the power of 2-3 GB....

Detailed explanation for the players how to play the creative with info and all commands:​
Now a little bit more professional way of describing it
(life cycle of player):



New player connects to the server. He spawns in a glass chamber where he has to go trough tutorial rooms, commands are disabled for him. Once he leaves the tutorial chambers, he gets promoted to rank Rookie which is one of 5 ranks trough which player has to go so he could be a Builder. So now the player is a rank Rookie. Being the rank Rookie he has some primitive commands from world edit, but still he can shorten build time for the RANKUP. Now we have met a new term RANKUP.
Rankup is the process in which a player sends a submission (ticket) to admins / moderators / builders, where the player has to wait until some of the Staff checks his plot and decides if it's for the rankup or not. If the ticket was approved, player gets a new rank called Novice . Once the player gets a rankup, he can no longer build in the world in which he got a rankup to be more precise R world R=Rookie world. Now his spawn point is in the other world he has to go to world N=Novice world, where he can claim a new plot which is bigger than previous one. So he has to repeat that process 4 times until he reaches Builder rank. Once he's at Builder rank he can do review of other players build, all WE commands, all Voxel Commands.

  1. Rookie [R] = 64x64
  2. Novice [N] = 128X128
  3. Master [M] = 256x256
  4. Architect [A] = 512x512
  5. Builder = 1024x1024 (3 plots)
Donator Ranks:
  1. Hero
  2. Ultra
  3. Elite
  4. Titan
All this is really good described on the server trough Holograms, and also trough main menu, trough which they can use all commands (/menu).

Pictures will be belov so you'll understand it better.








Thank you Ripee123 & Plutouthere for allowing to use your builds.

There are 3 my spawns in the Novice, Master, and Architect, while the Rookie world spawn has been created by Ripee123's & Plutouthere's resources. So thank you again for providing your builds. Even with just the setup you get for each world a specific spawn. Spawns will be updated in the future for FREE !


Please if you find any bugs msg me, I'll fix them ASAP!
Thank you, hope you'll enjoy in this awesome spawn :D


Do you need another pre-made setup? Take a look at:

PvP Setup 5.99 $ supported versions: 1.7.10+ (Now Supports 1.7.10)

Hub Setup 4.99 $ supported versions: 1.8+ (1.7 not tested)

The lowest prices for this quality.

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Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
I was suspicious on buying it because of the first review, but I have to say the setup is the best, I had problems installing it, because I didn't read the "readme.txt", but the owner helped me. And the setup is great, at the end it was even easy to install 5/5 !
This license was given for free. What's this?
My players love this setup, I've made whole network with your setups !
trash mate.... very trash



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