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Professional Facions Setup - Crates Envoys Koths HQ Builds v1.8

Complete factions server that has everything you need to start a sucessfull server.


Do you want to have successful faction server ? Want players rushing to hop on your server? This is the right place. This is the newest faction server. This resource includes full faction things needed for your successful server, such as HQ Builds, Koths, Custom Menus, Shopgui and more ... Treat your players to a unique experience and keep them coming back over and over again.


  • Ranks ▐ 5x Donator ranks ▐ 3x Staff ranks ▐ 2x Other Ranks (Member and YouTuber)
  • 10 000 x 10 000 "OverWorld" ▐ 6 000 x 6 000 "End/Nether World" Square Borders
  • GenBuckets ▐ Craftable Genbuckets "cobblestone" and shop gui for others
  • WithDraw Money and EXP ▐ You can withdraw money into bank notes and experience into XP Bottle.
  • Factions ▐ All the messages are custom (colors, etc...). Claims don't protect chests.
  • Factions Top ▐ See the richest factions in the server.
  • Factions Fly ▐ Fly in your own territory.
  • KoTH (3) ▐ There are 3 ready KoTHs.
  • ImageBoard ▐ Custom images for a better look.
  • AuctionHouse ▐ You will be able to sell/buy things in public gui shop also you can BID.
  • CustomEnchantments ▐ Contains a custom gui menu with different levels of custom enchanted books
  • Envoy ▐ This plugin drops special chests with prizes from the sky around spawn zone.
  • Featherboard
  • Blowable obsidian, you will be able to break obsidian exploding it with tnt and other explosions. There are no unraidable bases.
  • ChatMute ▐ You can mute chat for events.
  • Crates 1 vote and 2 premium. Configured with ready prizes.
  • ShopGui+ ▐ Balanced economy with custom ShopGui.
  • Votes Configured with 1 default, 5 lucky and 5 comulative prizes.
  • Custom BanFormat
  • Citizens
  • ShockWave Tools ▐ Special tools like a 5x5,3x3 pickaxe ... etc.
  • MobHeads ▐ Sell your mob heads with /sellhead
  • Freeze ▐ Freeze Hackers with /freeze
  • ChunkBuster Will remove all the blocks where you put it, dig 16x16
  • TnTFill ▐ Collects TnT with /tntfill
  • CraftWand ▐ Right Click on chest to craft all nuggets into ingots and ingots into blocks.
  • CombatTagPlus ▐ Players can't use any commands while in combat.


Spawn is placed into Overworld




Event - There are ready Maze, Sprint and Dropparty events.



Vote Crate

Premium Crate

God Crate


Custom Enchanter GUI

Balanced ShopGui+

KoTH LooT - The winner will receive two items from that Loot.

GenShop GUI and GenWalls

ShockWave Pickaxe - There are 3x3 and 5x5 pickaxes.

DropParty - You can start dropparty with command /dp start.

TnTFill - Command /tntfill fills nearly dispensers with TnT from your Inventory.

Premium plugins used [Not included, only the configuration folder will be given]

  • Featherboard [Optional]
  • FactionsUUID [Optional, you can use this setup as survival too]
  • Voteparty [Optional for votes]
  • Bannerboard [Optional for welcome/information images]
  • Koths by subside [Optional for koths]
  • TagSpawnProtection [Optional for combat]
  • GenWall [Optional if you use resource for survival]
  • ShopGUI+ [Needed]
Full update soon
If you need
any help, contact me through MC-Market.

Don't review the resource for BUGS/ERRORS, Write me instead. Remember, if you find a bug tell me via MC-Market conversation and I will fix it as soon as possible.

There were used resources of faragilus and TamataPvP. They gаve me permission.

- Temple KoTH
- ShopGUI+ Factions Config
- Warzone Builds Bundle
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Latest reviews

doesn't work...... spams tons of errors and takes a while to even get it to work you may as well do it yourself.
It is alright.
Pros : Help GUI , Crates, Koth, Factions
Cons : Extremely big file size, bugs, some plugins won't work. (Such as factions)
Good setup i would buy anyday
Bought this, was full of bugs, the creator takes ages to respond, I messaged him 60 minutes after purchasing to ask for a refund, and he said no, but that can be concluded by TOS. But this is really buggy from what I have seen, will certainly not be using this in future,
Very Very good setup, however even on my 8GB server it is still crashing it for some reason.
Setup is quite amazing! Just a few things missing as in ChunkBusters I think one more that could be a free resource. Other than that I think it's worth buying!
Hello, I am going to fix everything and thanks for your honesty !
The setup is amazing.
Thanks for your comment
Amazing setup ready to setup works perfectly
Hello, Flase thank you for your fairness. I am glad to see good comments from my customers !
Amazing setup! Amazing Builds! Runs Very Very Smoothly!
Thank you for rating. I am proud of that I reads only good things about my setup.
Incredible setup and totally worth the money! Active developer and the server is set and ready to go right from the start :)
Thank you for you honesty. Expect big update!

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