Professional Survival Setup | Elegant Spawn, Tags, ShopGUI+, LuckPerms, Perks, and More! v1.8

High Quality Survival Setup!


Today I am releasing a survival setup to you guys unlike the others. For only $9.99 you can have this amazing quality survival setup best on the market. There are a huge array of custom features in this setup like lots of /tags and a amazing ShopGUI! I plan to release many other features to this setup in the near future and this is only the beginning.

TEST SERVER: (updated)


**Check "Update" Tab for all updates and new features**

This spawn features a giant tree with lots of places for [NPC]'s and other features. It's in the middle of the ocean so players will need to use their boats to get off the island.


This server includes 9 player ranks, 3 Donator ranks and 6 staff ranks, Ive setup them all in LuckPerms so its easy for you to add and remove perks and permissions. I also made it so Donator ranks are worth buying and have good but not overpowered kits and permissions with them.

Player Ranks:
  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Lapis
  • Redstone
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Obsidian
  • Bedrock
The staff ranks included are:
  • Manager
  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Helper
  • Moderator
  • Builder
The Donator ranks are completely done and ready to go with prefixes added and perms setup. Players can see all the perks using the [NPC] located at spawn.
  • VIP
  • VIP+
  • MVP


I included a amazing ShopGUI+ in this setup, All the messages have been configured and the shop balanced for survival game-play. The prices match up with the ranking system so players can always have something to work for.​
  • Blocks
  • End/Nether Items
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Dyes
I also included 2 crates, One is a voting crate and the other you have to buy a key off Buycraft. The crates are worth their price and the chance system has carefully been made. I highly suggest checking them out in-game!



I would highly suggest using the test server to see these features for yourself but never the less I'll list them below with a few pictures! :)
  • Every plugin has been customized with new messages and features.
  • 36 Tags
  • Rankup system (9 player ranks)
  • 3 Donor ranks
  • Staff ranks setup
  • /wild Teleport system
  • Grief protection
  • 2 Amazing crates
  • Customized Tab List
  • Essentials Messages
  • Donator Perks and Kits
  • PVP Toggle
  • Amazing Spawn
  • Holograms
  • Auction House
  • Land Claiming
  • Regions and WorldGuard
  • Party System
  • Patches to every major glitch
  • Lots of versions supported
  • No bugs
  • BlockQuest
  • Teleport Effect
  • Particle Donator Perks
  • Particle System
  • No lag
  • Perfectly configurated
  • Freeze Command
  • LuckPerms
Auction System:
This server include CrazyAuctions so you're able to have a auction house that you can sell and buy items from, You can even bid! Only players that are IRON rank can access /ah sell and before that rank you can only buy items.


I included 36 tags in this setup, you can use these as both donator items and as a good perk to be able to sell on your BuyCraft! Each one is carefully made and my TagGUI even includes some original ones like “Instagram” and “SnapChat”

Job System:
To help the players earn money to rankup and buy items in the shop I added a Job plugin, This has been configured to fit right in with our ranks and ShopGUI+! You can see the jobs at /warp jobs or using the [NPC] at spawn.

GUI System:
This server includes LOTS of Gui’s ranging from ones just for /kit to one even just to show the 3 donator ranks and what's included. I have spent a long time making sure they all perfectly match and look amazing when your players use them.
GUI’s included are:
  • /Help
  • /Ranks
  • /Donate
  • /Kits
  • /Perks
  • /Vote
Automatic Messages:
I have configured a broadcast plugin and clearlag perfectly for the server. Clearlag doesn’t clean up items too often but enough to prevent lag, The broadcast plugin tells players a few of the needed commands every so often.

Anti-Grief and Land Claiming
I have configured this to work perfectly with the server, All players start off with 100 claim blocks and as they run around and do stuff this amount quickly grows. You can also earn more claim blocks by /vote and using the crates.

Party System

I have configured this to work with the ranks on the server, Donators can access party chats and even make chat rooms just for one or two of them. It works perfectly and all players have permission to create and join them.

Kits and Perks:
I have included a large amount of kits and perks for donators and normal players to enjoy! You can access either of them with /kit and /perks.


I have setup voting on this server with spots to put your server links and rewards. I put a vote key and $1,000 for you guys.

[NPC] System

I have added NPC’s all over spawn to help players with using commands, Up the main stairs at spawn there is the main 4 NPC’s and scattered around are the others.

The Rest:
I highly suggest you join the test server to see the rest like the MOTD and other features, I'll still leave a few pictures below though. YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THE PREMIUM PLUGINS "SHOPGUI+" AND "FEATHERBOARD".

  • All transactions are via MC-Market Resources or Rocketr
  • You may NEVER open a chargeback or ask for a refund
  • You may not claim credit for any of this setup.
  • You are not allowed to claim as Unauthorized
  • You are not allowed to share these files (Even with your friends)
  • Breaking any of these will result in a scam report on your account.

Latest reviews

This Needs A Good Update! we are on 1.13 already they are alot of cool things that can be added to this Setup
not good seen better.
let me know how I can improve.
Good setup keep the good work up
This license was given for free. What's this?
Great Setup! However there are some bugs on the 1.8 version like it having elytra perks and the griefprevention plugin being the wrong version (Not working on 1.8) Please could you change it to suit 1.8? Like instead of Elytra perks maybe particles - trails that would be cool :P But overall amazing setup!
Map and plugins working great, but above all else the quick and helpful support from Vexy is what I am most impressed with
This is a amazing resource by far, i've been using this setup for more than a month by now and have had no problems, other than I would recommend to switch out LuckPerms for PermissionsEX. The support from Vexy has been more than excellent. When ever I have had a problem Vexy has been on point with usually replying within 24 hours. I would not hesitate to buy this setup!
Amazing setup. one of the best setups i have used. and the owner is quick to help out.
This license was given for free. What's this?
I guess its alright, however a few weeks after buying it said supports 1.9 - 1.12. Even though before the remodel there was a file saying 1.8 in the zip. I was looking forward to using a 1.8 setup hopefully the author does that in the future...
I actually plan to readd the 1.8 version. Just takes more work for updates. We shall see in the near future.
Worked perfect for me. I hardly know how to set up a server let alone add in custom files. The help and support i got was awesome. recommend!! P.S. Instant replies on messages!
Thanks again!
I wouldn't say instant :P

I am pretty fast though. Thanks for the review <3
The extra support that the author provides makes my life a lot easier. Great setup in all aspects!
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This configuration pack includes a TagsGUI and ShopGUI!
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SkyBlock Setup with amazings Features never before seen in BuiltByBit.
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125 Purchases
Sep 1, 2017 Published
Apr 6, 2018 Updated
5.00 star(s)
Average rating (16)
121.2 MB File size
Recommended for you
This configuration pack includes a TagsGUI and ShopGUI!
Not yet rated
7 purchases
SkyBlock Setup with amazings Features never before seen in BuiltByBit.
5.00 star(s) 35 ratings
751 purchases
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