Project Z - Zombies break blocks, explode, and MORE! v1.0

Zombies break blocks, explode, and MORE!
For Minecraft 1.8.x

Zombie nightmare makes zombies OP, for the people who need something more challenging than hardcore mode.

Among other things, the plugin makes zombies:
  • Be able to explode
  • Be able to break blocks infront of them
  • Have their own inventory
  • Pick up the items they break
  • Pick up the items from someone's inventory when they kill someone
  • Get the player's head on their head when they kill someone (Helps identify the zombie who has your stuff)
It also adds a whole lot of custom recipies. A pack with screenshots off all new/edited recipies can be found here.

/KillAll - Kill all the zombies.
/GetTime - Get the time in your current world.
/ChangeType - Set the type of all the zombies in all worlds.
/InstantKill - The item in your hand can kill mobs instantly.
/Repair - Repairs the item in your hand.
/Zombies - View how many zombies in your world are.
/ChangeConfig - Change the config ingame.
/Heal - Heal yourself or another player.
/FireLine - Make a fire line behind you.
/NoHunger - Never get hungry again!
/SetSpawn - Set the spawn location.
/RandomTeleport - Teleport to a random location.
/SetHome - Set your home location.
/Home - Go to your home location.
/ZombiesKilled - Check how many zombies you have killed.
/AnimalsKilled - Check how many animals you have killed.
/Stack - Make a stack of the item in your hand.
/ZombieNightmare - Main command of ZombieNightmare.

The permissions for the commands are zombienightmare.<commandname>

I made this plugin quite some time ago. If this plugin sells alot I will make a reloaded version of this, which will have alot more features and will be compatible with minecraft 1.11 and 1.12.

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