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ProPracticePHP 1.36

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A system of stats in PHP for the plugin ProPractice with multiple information
INFO : If you have a public minecraft server that uses ProPracticePHP and would like to help develop this project, please contact me in private message. Thank you ;)

ProPracticePHP is an unofficial system of stats in PHP for the plugin ProPractice with multiple information.
You can display the best players of the server with your own parameters but also display the best players of certain categories.
You can also view player personal statistics in all categories.
A system with lots of information;)
You can also link your Litebans web interface page (Link in the "Reference Link").
ProPracticePHP is avariable in English and French (But you can also add your own language !) !


ProPracticePHP Version : 1.36 BETA
Date of last update : 07/08/2017
Name of the last update : "Fix update"
Information about the latest update :
Correct the error message for the status of players if the server is off. Editing on mojang_server.php
More information here

System requirements :
> PHP 5.1 or more (PHP 7.1 is recommended).
> MySQL Database.
> (phpMyAdmin is not required but recommended if you want to manage your database).
> ProPractice (Plugins).

Creative Commons :

ProPracticePHP by R.C Company is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you need support or if you find a bug, please contact me (or click here);)

ProPractice Plugins :
Liteban Plugins :
Source Code :
xPaw - Minecraft_PHP_Query (For the update 1.3 and more) :

Latest reviews

I don't understand why no one has put 5 stars on this :)! This is amazing I'm goign to be using it for my server - If you want to add a live status thing that will be there!


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