Pterodactyl Theme - Pure UI Dark | Customizable Theme v2.1

Dark theme of the customizable Pure UI theme.

Today I propose a customized Pterodactyl theme (Pure UI Dark) that took me several hours of work. This is a theme based on the classic, but fully customized with the login page completely rebuilt.

This theme is compatible with 0.7.19 version of Pterodactyl.
Please download theme version 2.0 for version 0.7.18.

You now have the opportunity to customize your theme as you see fit! Indeed, recently, two configuration files have made their appearance so that you can change the colors of the theme and the background of the home page!
Of course, all the explanations you need are in a text file when downloading.

I propose to view some screens:

Console page


Login/Reset Password pages



Servers & Account page



Pure UI Config Page


Some pages of administrations




All colors are supported in the configuration. Here is a small overview with different colors:
Of course, this is 7 randomly chosen colors, you choose your most beautiful colors! :D

1. Upload the files to /var/www/pterodactyl and overwrite the folders.

2. Run the following commands on your machine (still in: /var/www/pterodactyl):

° $ >> php artisan cache:clear
° $ >> php artisan view:clear (if it does not work with the first)
3. Go to the 4th line in the ".env" file at the root of Pterodactyl, then edit this line like this:
° $ >> APP_THEME = pure-ui-dark

If the configuration does not save when you press the "Save" button, run the following command:

° $ >> chmod 666 /var/www/pterodactyl/public/themes/pure-ui-dark/custom_config.php
- Discord Server:

- Start a conversation with me on this forum

Do you have any recommendations or remarks? Do not hesitate to contact me to let me know! :)

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact me!

Latest reviews

Please Update.........
I bought it. 1. Support don't response. 2. No't to the newest version. It's looking very good. Please update newest version, or i report you.
Bought it but not updated so can't use it. Hope this gets updated if so ill change my review!
The theme itself is good. but the support is a disaster. ticket created because in the theme has some errors and after days no answer. since I complained in the ticket because I get no answer and was banned from the discord. just laughable.
As stated, support is only given when I have time. In no way do I have the obligation to provide support.
So the little I give is already very good for the people I can answer.

What you do not specify in your review is that you are completely done insulting in the ticket. Hence your ban (by the way for your information, I only have 2 people banned from my Discord, you and another), I am not banning for nothing, I reassure you.

In addition, giving me 2 stars for support is really patetic, you are supposed to note the theme is general not the support.
Excelente tema me encanta bastante es barato y bonito a la vista espero que sigan manteniéndolo y añadiendo cosas interesantes
Great theme, i loved it and i should say the author is really helpful about everything, 5/5, recommending!

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