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RecyclingJunk Recycle junk for money! - EXTREMELY CONFIGURABLE v1.1

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Recycle bowls/potions for a reward of money!
This plugin was imported from Spigot, click here.
Check out the original verison [inspired of]: BottleRecycling

Recycling for the win!

a script by xSlothie [zDan_YT]

Hey! So I've spend the last 2 hours on making this non-buggy and extremely user-friendly! If you'd please, consider to support me by donating here. <3

RecyclingJunk is a script that is really user-friendly and extremely configurable. The features it offers is if you own a KitPvP/PotionPvP server with an Economy system, you can reward players an amount of money for selling a bowl/potion. This was inspired by another plugin, but I wanted to make a script that is extremely configurable AND it gives money for each recycling.

You need:
Skript 2.2 [1.8] or Skript by bensku [1.9+],
Any economy system (recommended Vault)
skQuery 3.21.4
for running RecyclingJunk
Click on the names to get linked to their plugin page.

Extremely configurable
Extremely user-friendly
Update remindal (if update is available)
● Doesn't need a lot of plugins to work
● Ability to TINKER bowls/potions without permission
● Bowl/Potion recycling award can be used as a Donor perk
Lots of permissions to work with, easy commands without bugs and extremely developed
● Active author
● Supportive author
● Suggestions will be added in a maximum 2 day time
...and more!

Mass Permission (access to all features) - rj.* (Recommended for admins only)
rj.notify - Access to being notified if there is a new version once you log in. (No Command)
rj.award.potion | rj.award.bowl | rj.award.* - Access to being rewarded for potions only | Access to being rewarded for bowls only | Access to being rewarded for all options. (No Command) - Access to /rj help
rj.togglePotions - Access to /rj togglePotions
rj.toggleBowls - Access to /rj toggleBowls
rj.moneyPotions - Access to /rj moneyPotions
rj.moneyBowls - Access to /rj moneyBowls
rj.checkSystems - Access to /rj checkSystems
rj.checkUpdate - Access to /rj checkUpdate

v1.1 - Added link for updates (finished update system)
Edited pastebin link (finished update system)

Please check this and the Explanation Spoiler for more information about the script!
RecyclingJunk v1.0's configuration:​
  • Version - Describes the version of RecyclingJunk that you currently own. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS, THIS MAY CAUSE ERRORS!
  • SystemON-Bowl(or Potion) - Describes if the system shown is true/false. PLEASE DO NOT SET TO ANYTHING ELSE THAN TRUE OR FALSE, THIS WILL CAUSE ERRORS!
  • MoneyGiven-Bowl(or Potion) - Describes the money given on recycling a bowl/potion. This can easily be edited in-game, but it will only last until the system reloads. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ELSE THAN THE NUMBER (e.g 1.5$), THAT WILL CRASH THE SYSTEM!
  • NotifyMoney - Describes if the award is accounced. This can easily be annoying if people recycle a lot of things. PLEASE DO NOT SET TO ANYTHING ELSE THAN TRUE OR FALSE, THIS WILL CAUSE ERRORS!
  • Prefix - The prefix shown in all of the messages. You can customise this as whatever you want. Just do not put ":" please, because that also crashes the system.​
  • Message-(xxxx) - A message for a feature. ALL MESSAGES ARE EXPLAINED IN EXPLANATION
Done. You're done configuring RecyclingJunk.​


Here you can see all messages/features explained. Hope this helps!
WARNING: Do not use ":" in the messages. And also, if you want to use quotes (" ") double the amount. (e.g: ""message"")

    • MESSAGE: SkriptLoad: A message that says the script loads. (sent in console)​
    • MESSAGE: SkriptUnload: A message that says the script unloads. (sent in console)​
    • MESSAGE: CheckingVersion: A message that says that the script is checking its version, to see if it's outdated. (sent in console)​
    • MESSAGE: SkriptNewVersion: A message that says the script has a new version. (sent to people with rj.notify, when they join)​
    • MESSAGE: SkriptUpToDate: A message that says the script is up to date. (sent to people with rj.notify, when they join)​
    • MESSAGE: ServerRunning: A message that says what version the server is running. (sent to people with rj,notify, when they join)​
    • MESSAGE: AwardedBowl(or Potion): A message sent to players if the option "NotifyMoney" is set to true. People also need rj.award.(bowl/potion) to see the message.​
    • MESSAGE: NoPermission: A message sent to players if they do not have the permission to use /rj <argument>.​
    • MESSAGE: ActionSuccessful: A message sent to players with the permission for the action they just did, and it succeeded.​
    • MESSAGE: InvalidUsage: A message sent to players with the permission for the action they just did, but they set something wrong.​
    • MESSAGE: Turned(ON/OFF): A message sent to players when they enabled/disabled a system.​
    • on script load (1): A function to make changing settings in-game work.​
    • on script load (2): A function to show the console owner if the script is working.​
    • on script unload: A function to show the console owner that the script is now disabled.​
    • on join: A function that allows player with rj.notify to be notified if there is a new update of RecyclingJunk.​
    • on player consume of mushroom stew: The Bowl Recycling system.​
    • on player consume of potion: The Potion Recycling system.​
    • command /rj [<argument 1>] [argument 2]: The base command.​

I really do hope this helped!

I am open to suggestions! If you have some, please mention them in PM or review.

If you find any bugs, please do not give a bad review. Instead , just PM me about the bug and I'll fix it. I'll also add you to the next update title, if you reported the bug.
Please test this version and report any errors in PM/Discussions tab.
These versions are made for server use.

10 - Well, I think you might like it. - waiting...
20 - Yeah, you need to like it. - waiting...
30 - Wow, didn't expect that. - waiting...
40 - Totally didn't expect this too. - waiting...
50 - This is actually used? Wow! - waiting...
60 - Now I know that you like it. - waiting...
70 - Holy cow! - waiting...
80 - Freaking awesome! - waiting...
90 - Are there any servers using this? - waiting...
100 - This is awful. You can't use this... - waiting...

You - downloading this :)



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