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RedMenus [Library] v1.02

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Provides a simple functiona interface-based menu solution
This plugin is a menu library intended for use by my own plugin series, and other developers. On it's own it does nothing.

Provides POJOs for gson-based menu construction.

The TypedMenu class contains a TypedSelector. These are used to select objects outside of the menu logic that you can later use in the menu. This way you don't need to retrieve it twice.

Each menu has an amount of type arguments <T, U> etc. These are passed down to all the methods and fields. Included in these fields is a TypedSelector which is a thread safe key value store. It is used to select an object in one context (such as right before opening the menu), and retrieving it during menu construction, etc.

The way it's all laid out is as follows: each menu has a constructor called on the player opening it. Each menu has a MenuButton or TypedMenuButton which itself has a constructor function and click function. There is also a map of placeholder functions which are automatically applied to the button values.


Brendan Curry
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